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The Little Mouse

I am a mouse, and I live in your house
I eat all the cheese and the meat in the lounge
When you go to bed, I come out of my hole
And follow my nose to the toast in the oven

Youíd probably say I'm a bad little one
When I fill my gums with your sweetest plums
But I am a mouse, and I have a big mouth
And now Iím gonna eat your sauerkraut

And when youíre away, I begin to play
With my playmates and the ice cream cakes
We throw them around in your motherís bed
And turn on the water till everything is wet

And then we can sail on the sea in a shoe
Through hall and kitchen to dining room
And all we see will be ours till two
So now we will eat, then later poo

I am the little mouse with the big mouth
Iím living in your house
I am the little mouse
And I am eating all your sauerkraut
Come, give a big applause
For the little mouse

Words & Music: Thomas Laursen