Sunday, February 02 [ 8:10 pm ]

ahhh dude i had the best day EVER!! well first, me -n- julie went to my lil brothers kunfu place, shoalins kunfu and well, maan them ppl can FIGHT!! shit!! me n julie had to back up n stuff. well there was this one dude there that i thought was sooo cute!! his name was johnny and hes chiense mix with flip i think, i ono but he was hott!! and he has the same class as tony... well i was drooling overh im AT FIRST ... untill he kept staring at me then i felt a lil akward, but shit he was hott. then we all went to tan tan and julie bumped her head on my car really hard hahaha, theeen i saw cathy,viet,tien,johnny,danny,george,and hteir lil brother boai love that lil baby!!! he is the cutest thing man, but he kept hitting me ... i was like .. omg ur so meeean ;[ but he was so adorableee!!! and yeah i took pics of them. well see i was vip reppin the shoalin ppl, and so i was takingp ics, and johnny n danny n george kept yellingo ut my name but when i turn around they duck so im like wtf. then when i turnd around i saw them TRYING to duck. BASTARDS!! then then i made new friends at tonys lil place, but i ono their names .. yet ;] its all good kk byee now.
Thursday, January 30 [ 4:11 pm ]

today was fucking funny man. wait wait wait .... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANEEEEEEE!!! hahaha well anyways, 4th period, i snuck out of my REGULAR class and went mr.gonzalez yes yes i love that teacher ;] well hahaha i tripped n landed on the floor, i was embarassed but it was kool kuz everybody knows im a lil clumsy well anyways, it was funny man, i was sharpening pencils in the workroom and it made the weirdest noise so i was like shit did i break it ?! wel the lady told me i didnt but mr. gonzalez came behind me and whispered in my ear you broke it!! im like man shut up the school shouldnt buy such cheap pencil sharpeners anyways. theeen robert hahha got annoyed kuz i kept moving so he kept holdong onto my knee hahah and he kept singing man!! i shut his mouth, and he kissed it .. dude! whoa gross hahhaa. bye!!! too happy ;]
Wednesday, January 29 [ 12:53 am ]

hahaha maan johnny got a webcam and me n him are trading pics like crazy here hahahaha, i showed him a pic of my manicure hahaha and my progress report :D
Tuesday, Januwary 28 [ 7:52 pm ]

today was fuuun ;] maan mr.gonzalez kicked me out of his class kuz supposivly mrs.cuellar was stalking him so i cant come into his class till like 3 more weeks or so. ahh fuck him. 4th period was fuuuN ;] ok just the usuals blah. hung out iwth the same ppl. chilled with the same guy *wink* ok bye bye now.;]
Monday, January 27 [ 10:21 pm ]

maan i had to worse day ever today, i became so sick out of no where man. i was burning up one minute and the next i feel better, i had ppl think i was pregnant i was like wtf ?! well ... robert made me feel better in 7th period. so it was cool. he did the worlds stupidest thing to make me laugh .... and it worked. everyone thought i was suffering from depression omg man, i'm sorry but my friend are a lil low on brain cells at times like these. o well.. haha robert was walking aroundd the class with his short all the way up to his stomache to make me laugh. hahah, and he was singing that daym song to me, and made me get up to dance with him. hahah hes such a good friend ;]
Sunday, January 26 [ 8:o3 pm ]

O YEAH!! I ALREADY KNOW!! BUCCS ARE GONNA WIN!! muahaha whooo!! my neighbor owe me 20 bucks!!!! o anyways, i'm at my neighbors house rite now ... jimmy ... who i went out a lot today, my head hurts too. happy happy happy shit i smell good. ok duece. bout to make 20 buccs now !!!!
Friday, January 24 [ 10:43 pm ]

maan, darkness falls!! [ no comment ]i got so many kisses today ;] hahah maan ... duy bit me .... like 3-4 times !!! omg white ppl maan, i felt so violated!! i was so happy to see everyone man .. aww i miss TIFFANY NGUYEN SO DAYM MUCH!!! we had like a 5 minute hug ... long n tight ;D hehe. wow i finally saw diana HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! and sabrina and haha michael omg i'm so sorrrry!!! hahah maan he looked at me and was like ' cant say hi no more' and i bust put with 'who are you' maaaaan .. haha sorry dude. muahaha in 4th period robert was singing 'always and foreveeer, ill still be loving yooou' and he was all touching my face n stuff hahaha and got in troubled later. we had some sub. today and we were making fun of him, we were like THUR YEH THUR!! hahaha maan that was funny. dueece got more to say but im so tired imma knock oout RITE NOW!!!!
Thursday, Januwary 23 [ 4:07 pm ]

today was pretty cool.dang man, i am so jealous of something rite now. i aint saying wut, but its KINDA driving me crazy, i'm tellin ya, if i didnt have cindy,julie, and thea i woulda gone crazy. well blah, i've been online sicne tuesday waiting if this dude would go online so i can talk to him ... i could call him but sucks for me, i forgot his number. hahaha all 3 of them. lol. rrite when i goti nto the school building julius was looking ofr me man, he had his belt ready, i was lie o shit and hid in mr.gonzalez room but he wasnt here today. so i got kicked out. i coulda stayed i he was here. i think i got a bruise on my ankle. robert TRIED to trip me, and his foot hit my ankle and it still hurts. o yeah go me i kicked jacobys a$$ hehe, he lied to me saying his jacket was taken up by mr.hodge o well. duuueece!!
Wednesday, January 22 [ 6:19 pm ]

hehe today was so much fuN, i gotta admit. well lets see. during lunch, Robert walked up n down the aisle with his shorts all the way up his chest kuz i dared him, hahah it was so funny, he was goin up to girls like that. who0. and while goin up the stairs back to the classroom, me -n- tatiana were playing around, and i was running up the stairs and she grabbed the back of my pants and i fell, omg that so so embarrassing but funny, other ppl was lookin at us, me n her was like .. BOO!! whatchu lookin at!! then i skipped 4th period to chill with mr.gonzalez it was funny as hell yo. i put make up on Julius and Ralpheal muahaha omg they looked like fags man, we had a fight with some hispanic boy, hes like, o tina what are u asian ? im like yeah, hes like how come ur always with black ppl, so Julius and Ralpheal stood up for me even though i didnt need them, they bust out with, naaw nigga kuz she blackanese thats the new race, im like .. ookay. well later, i took my belt off and Julius took off Mr.Gonzalez's hahah and we was wacking eachother with it, after it was time to dismiss, i ran from him kuz he was tryin to wack me again. well i was wearing adidas so i kept sliding and i finally fell. and he got me man, that hsit hurted. ok yes as u can see i had lots of fun today.
Wednesday, January 22 [ 12:37 am ]

miKe viTaR [ hot aint he ::drool:: i saw him in some hockey movie. omg so fiNe man! ]
Wednesday, January 22 [ 12:10 am ]

ugh, i'm a lil cheered up now i guess. thank u so much cindy ;] love u lots. oh i forgot to tell u guys. i saw my baby santos today ;D i was so happy to see him. i jumped on his back and hes like omg teena ?! hahaha aww i miss him SO DAYM MUCH!! hehe i'm like his fucking mini-me. daym, I LOVE U LOTS SANTOS!!
Tuesday, January 21 [ 11:46 pm ]

arent you just tired of the smae shit these days?? i mean, this is fucked up, i just want to shut everybody out of my life man. when i'm down, i dont want your sympathy, dont say you understand, kuz u dont, and look, if i'm not worth your time to talk to then just say so dont give me excuses like. 'o im busy rite now' and still stay online. if your busy. put an away mess. or get off so i wouldnt have to be the stupid one and iM u again and gettin the same response from u. its not gonna work that way. i love school man. truth is. in school, i'm actually someone, they treat me as if i really mean something. but once i'm online. its the same ppl who give me bullshit to deal with. well u know what. fuck that. i aint puttin up with shit no more. i hate when ppl assume shit as well.
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