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You stand in Your Own Light….Let It Shine!

Qigong with Elaine Collins         469-767-8743

Healing Qigong

This system of healing is a unique blend of Medical Qigong, Tibetan Dzogchen, Medicine Buddha
Meditation, Shamanism, Martial Arts and Healing Tao practices.

Elaine's focus is on the subtle and    spiritual bodies, energy fields and chakras with the intent to remove
emotional,  mental, and energetic blockages and to add Qi, balance Yin and Yang and tone organs as needed.

These treatments are excellent for
depression, stress, anxiety, grief,
anger, headaches, chronic conditions, for speeding healing in conjunction with other medical treatments and for
conditions that are not responding to other methods.

Qigong and Tai Chi
Exercise Class

This basic class includes Chinese, Taoist and Tibetan practices along with a short meditation and the end of each class.

Qigong consists of working directly on self healing through visualizations,
exercise, meditation and self massage. Techniques can be for the whole self system or for specific organs or areas of the body. They circulate energy, build and strengthen Qi and the body/immune systems, relieve stress and excesses and unblock stagnations.

Tibetan White Crane
Tai Chi is a gentle side to side rocking or cradling Tai Chi that brings the busy mind to meditative rest and brings the feeling of peace and security to the body/mind. Only the short form is included in this basic

Cleansing/Rebalancing  Session

Starts with sensing patterns in body and aura. Continues with general cleansing of organs and meridians, followed by intuitive treatment for specific needs of the patient and ends with rebalancing/relaxing opening of energetic points.

By Appointment Only

Qigong Exercise Class

To be announced.
Sessions will most likely be outdoors at White Rock Lake early in the morning on  Saturday or Sunday.

How does a Qigong healing session help the body/mind in general?

Fear is the basic emotion that prevents the exploration of life and the inner world. These fear patterns often manifest as dis-ease and Qigong can help peel away the layers of old belief systems that prevent on from having the life one has always dreamed of but was afraid to follow.

How does a Qigong healing session help those that are just beginning or keep quitting and  starting exercise routines?

If you are just getting into an exercise routine, many pent up emotions and toxins, along with undisciplined monkey mind that looks for any distraction to keep you from your goals are going to surface. A healing session can help unblock stagnant Qi and remove negative Qi. Once some of the heavier toxins are released it will be much easier to stay the course until a steady routine of exercise can be established.

How does a Qigong healing session help those in sports or advanced exercise and spiritual

If you are serious about exercise and meditation, then you know there are more levels than just the physical matter we see. As you get deeper into releasing and processing energy in your  system, you may run into a plateau, old karma,
unexplained emotions being release, or trauma/depression due to injury. A Qigong session can help you get past these road blocks, keep you on track, and restore your focus and motivation.