The Texas Czech Valach DNA Study

Question:  Why is anyone interested in conducting a DNA study on individuals who believe they are descendents of Valachs who migrated to Moravia, Central Europe?

Answer:  To gather information on as many individuals from the target population as possible, to study and evaluate the test results in order to determine if a trend in the results can be found that would support the hypothesis that the ancestors of the test participants were part of a group of Latinized people from the area of ancient Dacia (Romania). 


Question:  How will I know if I am a good candidate for the study?

Answer:  To be a candidate, you must have Valach ancestors on your maternal side?


Question:  How do I know if my maternal ancestors were Valachs?

Answer:  Was the village of origin for your maternal ancestors in the Valasško region of Moravia? This is essentially the area of Moravia bounded by Frenstat and Novy Jicin to the north, Valasške Mezirici to the west, and Slovakia to the east.

Does the family history and/or lore on your maternal side indicate that your ancestors were "beyond the mountain people," or Valachs?   Are your maternal surname more common in Slovakia, Poland, or another nearby country? 

These factors all support having a Valach connection.


Question: Who will do the testing?

Answer:  Oxford Ancestors Inc. is the company offering the maternal DNA testing.  You can visit their web site at: .


Question: How is the DNA testing done?

Answer: Each test participant will receive a test kit.  The test kit includes everything needed to take and return a DNA sample for the test, which will reveal one’s deep maternal ancestry. A person undergoing the testing will need to collect a few inner cheek cells, which is completely painless, using the special brush provided, then return the kit. After the analysis, which typically takes approximately 6 weeks. Each person tested will receive the full MatriLine™ results. Service, including: 1.) a readout of his or her own DNA sequence passed down by generations of maternal ancestors over thousands of years, 2.) a certificate showing their place in the world's oldest family tree, and 3.) information on the identity and story of his or her clan mother.


Question: How much will it cost to have the testing done? Who is responsible for the payment of that fee?

Answer: Each participant in the test is responsible for the payment of the entire fee. The fee for one MatriLine™ test is normally $220 for U. S. residents.  A group rate has been arranged for participants in the Texas Czech Valach Study.  Individuals participating in this study will be required to pay around $150.00.  However, to obtain this rate, you must submit your test as part of a group package submitted by Dr. Gary Kocurek.


Question: What can I expect to happen if I choose to participate in the Texas Czech Valach DNA Study?

Answer:  First, Dr. Gary Kocurek will have to be notified that you wish to participate. Then, Dr. Kocurek will make the initial arrangements and you should receive a test kit in the mail.  Please remember that Oxford Ancestors Inc. stresses that group orders are best sent as a group.  Therefore, you will need to do your sampling, write your check, fill-out the rest of the information sheets, put it all in the Oxford envelope, and MAIL IT BACK TO DR. GARY KOCUREK in another envelope. He will then send the whole batch to Oxford.  This will ensure the group rate.

You will also need to advise Dr. Kocurek of the the village and region of origin of your maternal line, please do so with your mailing.


Question:  What will I need to do when I receive my test results?

Answer: Your results will be sent directly from Oxford to you.  When you get your results, please relay these to Dr. Gary Kocurek so that he can compile the data set.


Question:  How can I get in contact with Dr. Gary Kocurek?

Answer:  Contact Dr. Gary Kocurek via E-Mail


Question: Will I be one of the first to participate in this study?

Answer:  One group of tests (eight) is already being taken.


Question: How did Susan Rektorik Henley get involved in this venture?

Answer: She is still not entirely sure.  However, Leo Baca, author of the  Czech Immigration Passenger Lists, has a lot to do with it. Also, Susan is very interested in the Valachs of Valasško.


Question: Will Susan Rektorik Henley be participating in this study?

Answer: No, not at this time. Her Valach ancestors are on her paternal side not the maternal side that can be tested via MatriLine™.


Question:  Does Susan Rektorik Henley endorse Oxford Ancestors, Inc?

Answer:  Susan Rektorik Henley does not endorse or guarantee the products and services of OxfordAncestors, Inc.


Question:  Does Susan Rektorik Henley have anything to do with the DNA test evaluations?

Answer:  No, she does not. The DNA Test Project is research being conducted by Dr. Gary Kocurek.  Susan Rektorik Henley is not connected with the actual research. Susan's role is to publicize this unique opportunity. It is up to each person to determine if he/she believes that he/she is  a valid candidate, has the available funds to pay the full fee of around $150.00, and wishes to participate in this DNA Study.