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New computer user or

new to a specific software?

New Service! 

Tech support on a budget.

Email me your question.  If I can answer it, I'll email you back that I have an answer and how much that answer will cost (as low as $5) and a link to PayPal for payment.  After payment is received, I'll email you the answer.  If it's a complicated question or will require several emails back and forth, I'll let you know beforehand so you can make the decision. 

Computer novices are a specialty.


We're here to reduce the cost of developing or upgrading your computer and computer support skills by providing some of the most popular technical skills books at reduced prices.

While we are working on our catalog, please check out our specials on eBay.


The following are some of the Mom's certifications:

Microsoft Systems Engineer MCP+I

A+ Inet+



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