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Publisher's Quotes

What did prospective publishers and interested parties have to say about the manuscript The Tax Collecor's Bible was based on?


" A publisher's concern revolves around retribution from Ottawa. I have recently seen this when Revcan (or whatever they are now called) openly audited and hassled publisher that eventually went out of business, in part due to the fact they published what was deemed to be anti Revcan stuff. (This was Uphill.)"  - Herb Bond

" Alan... if you are interested in a collabrative venture I am sure that we can put my skills and brand recognition with your research and knowledge and turn out a blockbuster." - Alex Doulis

" An excerpt could probably run in the National Post " - Ruth Bradley-St. Cyr, Managing Editor, Canadian Scholars Press

" I must tell you how much I enjoyed the book. Yes I read it in spite of the fact that it would not be suitable to our bookline. It is truly an eye opener, worthy of publication and wide distribution." -  Isabel Wrotkowski, Publisher

" I did find your take on things amusing and some of the stories you relate confirm some of my worst suspicions." - Senior Editor,  Penguin Canada

"I did enjoy reading your book, and encourage you to continue trying to find a publisher ..."    -   J Kristin McMahon,Director,Publication Production, The Fraser Institute.

" I truly urge you to pursue publication, I believe that this book will do well financially, as long as there is an organization out there brave enough to publish it!" - Isabel Wrotkowski, Publisher




The Tax Collecor’s Bible