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Tax Collector's Comments

Contributors to the Tax Collecor's Bible?


" The following CRA employees went out of their way to inspire and/or encourage me in the research and preparation of the TCB. If not for people like these the Tax Collector’s Bible would never have been published."

Anna Maria Ananiadas (Toronto North)

Franklin Artuso (Toronto West)

Carlos 'Ratbert' Balestreri (Toronto West)

Gerda Beamish (Toronto North)

Cindy Brereton (Toronto North)

Janet Brusch (Toronto North)

Howard Bryce Sr. (Toronto North)

Barb Carter (Ottawa)

Carol Chiu (Toronto North)

Gregory Currie (Ottawa)

Dino D’aguano (Toronto North)

Vincent Dambra (Toronto North)

Deborah Danis (Toronto West)

Carol-Ann Dixon (Toronto North)

Tony Dunn (Hamilton)

Glen Dunphy (Toronto North)

Cyril Dynin (Toronto North)

Gregory W. Evans (Ottawa)

Sheila Froude (Toronto West)

Frank Gallucio (Toronto West)

Bernice Gorner (Ottawa)

Thirza Gonsalves (Toronto West)

Terrance Hale (Toronto West)

Terry Hartwick (Ottawa)

Gordon Hawkins (Toronto Core)

Judith Hopper (Hamilton)

John Jackson (Dir. Toronto West)

Todd Jaffray (Toronto West)

Richard Kerr (Toronto West)

Ferenaz Lalji (Toronto West)

Martin Leigh (Ottawa)

John Lucyk (Toronto North - Security)

Mhairi Macintosh (Toronto North)

Scott McKerron (Toronto North)

Sally McLaughlin (Toronto North)

Brian McMahon (Hamilton)

Cindy Manser (Toronto North)

Robert Mauro (Toronto West)

Amir Merchant (Toronto West)

Colin Montgomery (North York)

Renzo Moras (Toronto North)

Pierre Mulvihill (Ottawa)

Frank Pagnotta (Toronto North)

Mohammad Patel (Toronto North)

Brian Patterson (Toronto North)

Anjum Qureshi (Toronto North)

Michael Regan-Bogen (Toronto Core)

Kathleen Reid (Toronto West)

Noel Robinson (Toronto East)

Natalie Srdic (Toronto North)

Jenny Steele (Toronto North)

Gladstone Sue (Toronto West)

Robert Swastek (Toronto North)

Massimo Testa (Toronto North)

Arthur Thiverge (Ottawa)

Gary Trinh (Toronto West - Security)

Goran Vragovic (Hamilton)

Gary Wakayama (Toronto North)

Laurie 'Catbert' Wallace (Toronto West)

Kerry Young (Toronto North)

" “A lie does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become a lie because nobody sees it.” -Mahatma Gandhi "


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The Tax Collecor’s Bible