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StitchArt Buttons by Judye

People, Patterns,
and Miscellaneous

Christmas Buttons
1 5/8" Square, NBS Large
These buttons are embroidered on fabric and stretched over a polymer button frame with
Gold colored, polymer frame around the button
$16.50 each
Click on the name to see a close up of the individual button:
Christmas Toy Christmas Ornament Christmas Stocking
Christmas Santa Christmas Wreath Christmas Presents
Christmas Candy Cane Christmas Basket Christmas Gingerbread House

Candy Canes
1 5/8" NBS Large

Two Sailboats
1 5/8" NBS Large

Embellished with glass beads and metallic gold tassel
2" NBS Large

Flower Purse
1 5/8" NBS Large
Part of "Dah-ling Fashion Accessory Buttons"
Click above to see all the buttons in the set.

Cartoon Donkey
1 5/8" NBS Large

1 5/8" NBS Large

1 5/8" NBS Large

Floral Border
2" NBS Large

2" NBS Large

1 3/16" NBS Medium
Gold metallic thread highlights

Patriotic Santa
2" NBS Large

Amish Woman
2" NBS Large


Ordering Details

Please email with the button or buttons that you are interested in purchasing
and I will let you know about availability.
Shipping is $2.25 for one or several buttons to US addresses.
(Please email for rates for international shipping.)
I will accept your money order,
check (if a member of the National Button Society),
and PayPal.

For fastest service, use

For Questions, Comments or Orders


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