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My wife and I are the authors of eight books on scientific quotations. The books are:

Each of these eight books represents the largest or one of the largest published collection of quotations pertaining to a specific scientific area. Our books are published by the Institute of Physics Publishing.

Books on scientific quotations are rare. Books on scientific quotations that are fully attributed and documented are virtually nonexistent. Our eight books fill a void for the researcher, the professional, the student, the writer, the politician, the teacher, and the individual who is interested in science. The books are excellent reference books and are user friendly. The material is arranged in a dictionary format and also has extensive author to subject and subject to author indexes. As a result these books are the perfect medium for locating a quotation for practical use or just for pleasure.

The books make an outstanding gift. What more could you get for someone who works in one of the areas of statistics, probability, physics, astronomy, mathematics, engineering, medicine, nursing, dentistry, teaching, biology, botany, nature, chemistry or just has an interest in science? The answer is there isn't a better gift for the cost. This is an item that the recipient will use practically on a daily basis. It is a gift that will never be outdated. In effect, it is the perfect gift if there is such a thing. So when you are looking for that birthday present, the graduation gift, the Christmas gift, or the 'I just wanted to get you something' gift, these books are the perfect item.

The books are also very attractive. On the following pages you will be able to see the cover design which will cause just about anyone to want to pick up the book and look inside. Within the books there are illustrations which enhaces the book's appeal. Finally, there are the quotations. Each book has over 1500 quotations (Engineering has about 1150). Some of these quotes are profound, some are witty but none are frivolous. You will find quotations from the most famous to the unknown. You will find many of the jewels and a goodly amount of original material.

Information About the Authors:

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For More Information About the Books:

Statistically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
Physically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Physics and Astronomy
Mathematically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
Practically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Engineering,Technology, and Architecture
Medically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
Scientifically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations
Naturally Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Biology, Botany, and Nature
Chemically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations

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