Log/Data Book

In this article we will cover Logbooks and Data tables. Also we will discuss different types of logbook that are available, how to put one together, and what to have in it.

A photo of several different logbooks. (The top right logbook is the TRGT book.)

Log/Data Book

A Logbook is one of the most important items that a sniper has to have. This book contains important data that he has collected for the Rifle and the type of ammunition he uses. One of the most important items of information that the sniper will have in his logbook is the cold barrel zero of his sniper rifle. This data is very important to the sniper, if he is to get a first round hit on his target.

I myself have a lot of different Logbooks. I collect logbooks and have seen a lot of different logbooks. The very first logbook I had was put together by SSG Ed Becka of the Texas National Guard. This book was well put together and he spent a lot of time in designing it. I used it for several years. I myself added different pages and information to this book. Currently I am using a logbook that is sold by TRGT. SFC Kent Gooch (Ret) designed this logbook. Sfc Gooch was the NCOIC of the National Guard Sniper school. This logbook has a lot of good information and is well put together.

A TRGT Zero data sheet.

Now what should the logbook have in it? Conversion tables, Common formulas, Bullet drop tables, Wind chart, Zero summary chart, Zero data sheets, Data sheets for different types of targets, Moving target data sheets, Range cards, and of course a Round count sheet to keep track of how many rounds are fired thought your rifle. Of course the Zero data sheet is the most important sheet in your logbook. This sheet will have all kinds of information on it. Range at which you are zeroing from, Ammo type, Temperature, Humidity, Light, Mirge, Wind speed and direction, also your scope elevation and windage setting. Also have different zero sheets for different targets. There are two other data sheets that I keep in my data book. They are an Iron sight data sheet and an Unknown Distance data sheet. The iron sight data sheet I use for my data on the iron sights that I use on the M24 SWS. I record my come-ups for the sight on this page. This page was also design by SSG Ed Becka.

Dean Michaelis Ballistic Data Tables.

Data Tables

The next thing I will talk about is data tables. Currently there is a lot different data tables available. I have used several different tables. These tables are available from different sources. The data table that is available on the logbook that I used now is pretty accurate. Also I have used the data tables that are in the book The Military and Police Sniper by Mike Lau. This data is also pretty accurate. I also have the Ballisticard System by Schwiebert Precision. Like I said most of the data tables are pretty close but you have to find out if they work for your rifle and ammunition. SFC Dean Michaelis (Ret) puts out one other data tables that I recommend. Dean also has a book out called The Complete .50-Caliber sniper course. Not only does this book have a lot of information on the .50 cal rifle; it also has a lot of information on long range shooting. He also has data tables that have a lot of good information. He offers a package that includes an instructional book. This book covers Ballistics, Data tables and sight adjustment zero. Also Ballistic data tables for .50 caliber, 338 Lapua, 300 Win Mag, and the .308 Winchester. If you are real interested in long range shooting, then you need to look into getting this package. Dean has put in alot of work and knowledge into these data tables and books. I highly recommend his products.

Well that is pretty much an overview on Logbooks and Data tables. I hope you find this information useful.