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The sniper has special abilities, training and equipment. His job is to deliver discriminatory, highly accurate rifle fire against enemy targets, which cannot be engaged successfully by the rifleman because of range, size, location, fleeting nature, or visibility. Sniping requires the development of basic infantry skills to a high degree of perfection. A sniper's training incorporates a wide vatiety of subjects designed to increase his value as a force multiplier and to ensure his survival on the battlefield. The art of sniping requires learning and repetitiously practicing these skills until mastered. A sniper must be highly trained in long-range rifle marksmanship and fieldcraft skills to ensure maximum effective engagements with minimum risks.

FM 23-10

SP/4 K. Hector and SFC P. Carpentier jr TXNG at the 2000 Wilson MATCH.

Welcome to the Sniper Sustainment page. On this web page we will have Basic Sniper information, Articles, Photos and useful information on Long-range shooting.











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