Tactical Intervention Rifle Slings


SFC Pete Carpentier jr



About five years ago I started looking for a sling for a sniper rifle I had built. I had tried many different slings for both carrying rifles and for shooting with. Of course when using a sling for shooting, I would use a loop sling. I do a lot of High-power rifle shooting and I also shoot Combat rifle matches. In these matches I would use some type of sling for a steady shooting platform. The loop sling provides a good support for the rifle and also a stable shooting position. In High-power matches I used the M1907 MRT (mildew resistant treatment) leather sling. This sling could be used as both a loop sling and as a carry sling. In Combat rifle matches in which I used an M16, I also had to use the issued sling. One of the slings was a black nylon sling. The only way to use this sling was to make a Hasty loop sling. The other sling was a canvas green sling that had a buckle on one end. With this sling you could make a loop sling on one end. But of course you had to take one end of the sling off the rifle. You already had to have the loop made and though your arm. You then clipped the front on the sling swivel. This was better than a hasty sling. I knew that these sling would not work on my sniper rifle. I also shoot a lot of sniper matches and sometimes we have to shoot from different positions. These slings would not allow me to get into different positions. And that is why I was looking for a sling.

One day I was on the website snipercountry Duty Roster and they were posting about this new sling. There was a lot of good post about the sling. I e-mailed a few of the people that had posted about the sling and they told me how good the sling was. I then asked who was making the slings. They said a guy name Mike Miller and he owned a company called Tactical Intervention Specialists. I went ahead an order a sling from Mike. After waiting several weeks and not getting a sling, I called Mike. He returned my call the same day and told me why I had not gotten my sling. After talking to Mike I learned that he was a Police Officer, an active Tactical Team Leader, a sniper and sniper instructor. Mike also is a shooter and competes in High Power rifle matches. He told me that he makes all the slings he sells and it is a Part time job. When he is not working, he is making slings. He then told me that he had just finished a bunch of slings and would send one out overnight. And since I had waited so long he also said he would throw in some other goodies. With in two days I received my sling. How is that for customer service.

The sling I purchased was a Quick-Cuff Model One rifle sling. The thing about the sling is the Quick cuff. This cuff is worn on the weak side arm. Just slip it though your arm and adjust it. This is done with Velcro. The cuff has a Fastex Buckle that attaches to the sling. You can sew the cuff to your shooting jacket or ghillie suit. With this set-up you now have a loop sling. All you have to do is hook up the buckle to the sling and get into position. If you have to move, all you have to do is unhook the buckle.

The sling its self is 1.45 inches wide and comes in Black or Olive Drab. The sling is ruggedly constructed out of mil-spec Nylon. This material makes the sling not only resistant to the elements and many chemicals, but it also makes it more superior to leather slings because there is far less stretching. The sling also has Uncle Mike's standard QD Swivels sewn in or you can order it without swivels. The sling is also designed to resists tangle in any mode, for quiet operations and deployment, is quickly adjustable for length and carry mode and can also be used as a traditional sling, as a hasty sling or as a cuff sling.

Mike also offers several other different slings. He just came out with the Quick Cuff and Slip Cuff CQB Sniper system sling. He also has a new sling called the Model M24. This is his lastest model and I just recently received ones of these slings. This will be replacing a sling on one of my rifles. If you are looking for a new sling, I would recommend any of the slings that Mike sells. To order one just go to the tactical intervention website. On this website you will also find information on the other slings that Mike sells and also an instruction manuals for the use of these slings.