Happy new year and welcome to 2013. If you kept up with current events from last year you know that the gun control issue will be a big thing this year. We need to work hard to keep our second amendment rights. This will be a big issue in 2013. Stay tune.

This year again I plan to be a member of the precision rifle series and will be shooting several matches in the series. Of course the first match of the year will be the Bushnell Brawl which will again be held at RiflesOnly in Kingsville TX. I have spent a lot of time at this facility and have also shot a lot of matches there. They do a GREAT job and have a first class facility. I am also planning on shooting a match at the Rifle Ranch which is located in Frost TX.  Stay tune for updates.

Last year I picked up two training dvds and also a book that you might find of interest. The first is a dvd produced by RiflesOnly which covers the basics of marksmanship for the precision rifle. The second dvd is produced by Snipers Hide and also covers the basics of marksmanship. Both of these dvd's have a lot of good information and are well worth the price. The next item is a book which has a lot of good information. The book is called Precision Rifle-B-I-B-L-E-Battlefield-Environments and is written by Nicholas Irving who served with 3rd Ranger Battaltion.

27 DEC

Well 2012 is coming closer to the end. In one more week it will be 2013. It has been a crazy year and I did not get a chance to post much. I hope that in 2013 I will be able to keep my website a little more updated. Thanks to everyone that has dropped by and supported the website. In closing I would like to say have a Safe and Happy new year and hope to see you again in 2013.

12 APR

We are off and running. I have shot two precision rifle matches in the last two months. Both matches are on the Precision Rifle Series list of matches. Here is a rundown on the matches.

On 10-11 MAR, I shot a precision rifle match at Tac-Pro Shooting Center in Mingus TX. I have shot matches at Tac-Pro before, but this was a real test for the shooters and myself. On day one it started raining at first light and did not quit until the next day around noon. The rain was heavy at times and some shooters found out that there equipment did not work when it was wet. Several shooters had cases blow in there chamber. There ammo became wet and some were already at max load. There was at least three shooters that had to get a rod to knock out the spent brass from there rifles. We shot from 100 yards all the way out to 1200 yards. We did two cold bores , two pistol stages, a run and gun stage and we also shot from there new tower. There was a total of 42 shooters that braves the elements.

On 05-07 APR, I shot a precision rifle match at Rifles Only in Kingsville TX. The match was the Bushnell Brawl and it was sponsored by Bushnell Tactical. It was a three day match and it had some very challenging stages. We shot from 12 feet to 1000 yards. Some of the events we shot were mover stages with rifle and pistol, from some different platforms , off the tower , from a helicopter and also some positional shooting. There was a total of 95 shooters that shot the match. Bushnell step up big and it showed. The prize table was also BIG. A BIG thanks to Bushnell and all the sponsors for there support of this match.

One think that I was able to pick up off the prize table at the match was a gift certificate for a PDA and software from Horus Vision. The PDA came with a chip that has the ATrag MX software. This is a ballistic computer that can be used to create data for your gun. It has many different features and is a GREAT piece of kit.


Welcome to a new year. We are already in February. I have many things planned for this new year. As I had said before I am currently a member of the Precision Rifle Series and they have already put out a list of the matches for the year. I am planning on attending at least 5 matches in the series. I am hoping that I make the finals.

I also got my rifle back from Long Rifles Inc . I had sent them a barreled action and they installed it in one of there M40 stocks that they are producing. The work they did on the Rifle was first class. The stock and bedding is well done. I will be doing a write up on this project. Stay tune.

Also I finally got around to putting a scope and starting to shoot my rifle that has the XLR stock. I put a 260 rem barreled action that GA Precision had worked over for me.  The action dropped right in and is a good fit. Once I spend a little time shooting it I will start running it at the matches.

19 DEC 11

Greetings everyone. Well it seems that 2011 is coming to an end. We will have to see what 2012 will have in store for us. Here is a little bit of news to end the year with.

This year a new series was started. The Precision Rifle Series is a series started for precision rifle shooters. The PRS will host several matches and also recognize other matches held all over the US. Currently the membership is growing and also the match listings. I am currently a member and will of course be shooting some of the matches.

At this years Snipers Hide Cup I picked up a gift certificate for an M40 stock that was donated by Longrifles Inc . I sent in the gift certificate after talking to the owner of LR Inc and I found out that the stocks were not ready. After waiting for a while I was contacted by the owner and informed that since I had waited so long that for me to send him a barreled action and he would do a complete bedding and paint job. Once I get the rifle back I will post some photos.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and also keep in mind that we still have men and women overseas serving our country and they will not be able to spend time with there families during the holidays. Keep them in your prayers and I hope to see everyone in 2012.

22 NOV 11

Man have I been behind this year on updating the website. It has been a crazy year and it is almost coming to an end. I guess I should go ahead and try to update the site. Well here goes some news from this past year.

On 07-09 April I shot the SnipersHide Cup held at Rifles Only in Kingsville Tx. This was a three day match which tested our marksmanship skills. We shot from 11 feet all the way out to 1000 yards. Some of the events required us to shoot from a platform that had different levels. We also shot a night event and also from a helicopter.

On 23 July I shot the Beat the Heat match held at Tiger Valley in Waco Tx. Tiger Valley puts on this match in the summer and because of the high heat we start before the sun goes down and most of the events are shot at night. This test our ability to operate our rifles in lowlight. During this match we also shot out to 800 yards on there Known Distance range.

On 01-02 October I shot the North Texas Precision Rifle match held in Seven Points Texas. This was there first match and it turned out to be a good one. Almost the whole match was shot on steel targets. They had only one event we shot on paper.  We shot from different positions and off of several towers. We also had to make a 1 mile shot with a rifle that was provided. I was the very first shooter of the day to engage the target at a mile. I had a first round hit. I will be planning on making there match next year.

On 10-11 November I shot the Rifles Only Fall Bash. As always Rifles Only puts on two matches a year. This match draws some of the best shooters and many of them come from different states. This year they had a total of 75 shooters. We shot from 25 yards all the way out to 1000 yards. Most of the shots were from 600 yards on in. We shot four mover events, one with a pistol, positional events , two night events, one was shot from a helicopter. Again a place and match that I enjoy shooting at.

This year I also picked up some new gear and am doing some tesing on a few things. One thing I pick up was a new stock from XLR industries . This is a new company making a module like stock. I got one and placed one of my 700 action that is a 260. It looks good and I plan to take some photos to post on the site. Stay tune.




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