M82A1 Caliber .50 Sniper Weapon System

Function: Long range counter-sniper, anti-material, explosives disposal firearm.

History: Procured by the U.S. Army during the Gulf War for combat engineers performing explosive ordnance disposal operations, the Barrett M82A1 Special Application Scoped Rifle (SASR) soon began to see service with Special Operations Forces as a long-range counter sniper and anti-materiel weapon. Since the Gulf War, the M82A1 has been replaced by the bolt action M95 caliber .50 rifle for use in engineer EOD operations, yet remains in service with SOF and peacekeeping forces as a counter-sniper, anti-material weapon.

Description: Produced by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, the M82A1 Special Application Scoped Rifle is an air-cooled, semi-automatic rifle equipped with a 10x Unertl scope mounted on a mil. spec. sight rail and 10 round detachable box magazine. Firing M2 Caliber .50 Browning Machine Gun cartridges, the M82A1 is capable of engaging man-sized targets out to 1500m, armored targets out to 2000m and is capable of penetrating up to 30mm of steel plate.

To keep the felt recoil to a minimum, the M82A1 utilizes the short recoil principle developed by John Browning, which diffuses the recoil energy over a longer period of time. To further reduce recoil, the rifle barrel is equipped with a double-chambered muzzle brake, which redirects expended cartridge gasses to the sides and rear of the muzzle.

Though the primary round for the M82A1 is the Raufoss Grade A match-grade multi-purpose cartridge, the M82A1 can fire all types of caliber .50 BMG ammunition, with the exception of the M903 SLAP (Saboted, Light Armor Penetrator) and the M962 SLAPT (Saboted, Light Armor Penetrator- Tracer.)

General Characteristics, M82A1 Caliber .50 SASR


Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Incorporated.

Overall length:

57 inches (144.78 centimeters)

Barrel length:

29 inches (73.67 cm)


32.5 pounds (14.75 kilograms)

Bore Diameter:

2.7mm (.50 inches)


Maximum Effective Range:

4875 feet (1500 meters) for man-sized targets.

6500 feet (2000 meters) for armored targets.

Unit Replacement Cost:


Courtesy of WWW.Military.com