03 NOV 08

I am just getting around to updating the website. I am start off by adding the lastest news. Later on I will be posting a new photo page and adding some articles.

I made another trip to TigerValley  on 21-22 SEPT 08, in Waco TX to shoot there second Team Match of the year. The one they had at the first of the year was such a big success that they decided to have a second one. There was a total of 40 teams that signed up and shoot the match. The match was two days and my team finished 15th. We did quite a few run and gun stages and also some long ranges stages. Since it was a Team Match one shooter shot a precision rifle and the other shot a semi - auto rifle. The semi of choice was an AR platform. Most of the AR's were 223 , but some were 308. Also each team member had to carry a pistol. Some of the run and gun events the targets could be engaged with a pistol. This match was a BLAST.

In December I will be at RiflesOnly shooting the SnipersHide Shooters Bash . This match is held every year about this time. RiflesOnly and SnipersHide always put on some GREAT matches. They draw shooters from all over the Untied States and the match always fills up. I will post updates on the match later.

GA Precision  built me another rifle this year. I had the rifle built in a 243 caliber. I also had to buy brass, bullets and dies for this caliber. I have been testing some loads and different bullets. I have had good success with the DTAC 115 bullet. I will be shooting this rifle at the Shooters Bash. Stay tune for more updates.

19 JUN 08

I have been REAL busy and I freed up some time to post some updates. I have been doing a lot of shooting and training the last couple of month. This has kept me busy. I am leaving this week to go to a match and planning on shooting another match next month.

In March I shot the Snipers Hide Cup at Rifles Only in Kingsville TX. There was a total of 60 shooters that shot the match and many came from different parts of the United States. There was even a few international shooters. This match just grows every year and also gets better and better. This year the match was a little different. Everyone had to shoot a 308 caliber rifle and they also had to use a stock Glock pistol. I used one of my GA Precision rifles and for a Glock, I used the model 34 in 9mm. Also the ammo was furnished. The ammo was Corbon and was loaded in Lapua brass with 175 SMK's. It was three days of shooting. We also shot from a helicopter with a POF 308 gas gun. The POF rifle had a GREAT muzzle brake on it. The rifle recoiled like a 223. It was a GREAT match. There next match will be the Snipers Hide Bash and it will be in DEC.

I also just got back from Tac-Pro in Mingus TX. I was there to shoot the Tac-Pro Shooting Center Sniper Tourament. It was a two day match and we shot 14 events. Here is a list of some of the events: Two Cold bores, one field event , KD shooting at 600, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 yds, barricade event,  run and gun and a night shoot. The night shoot was GREAT. We started at dusk behind our rifles. Down range at 200 yards was a 3" target. On the signal, we fired two rounds. We waited five minutes and the signal was given again to fire two shots. We did this for 14 shots. Of course all the time it is getting darker. There was a total of 37 shooters at this match.

I also just had George at GA Precision  rework my DPMS AR10 upper. I had recently picked an AR10 and I sent the upper to George to have him rework it. It now has a new barrel and a Badger Ord handguard. The rifle shoots GREAT. I plan to start shooting it at some different matches.


Welcome to 2008. I am just getting around to updating the website. I have been very busy since the first of the year and also have been doing a lot of shooting. On 12-13 Jan, I shot in the Tiger Valley  Team Challenge match. In this match one team member shot a precision rifle and the other shot a gas gun. The gas gun of choice was the AR. Each team member also had to carry a pistol. We shot 8 events over two days and two of the events were a run and gun. There was a total of 30 teams and our team finished Fourth overall. The match was held at Tiger Valley in WacoTX.

In March I will be returning to RiflesOnly in Kingsville TX to shoot in the SnipersHide cup. This years match will be a three day event. The match will also have its own twist. Each shooter will be will have to bring a 308 caliber rifle and also a box stock Glock. Also the 308 ammo will be provided. This is the first for this match and since everyone will be shooting the same rifle caliber and type of pistol, it should be interesting. Stay tune for updates.

There are also two new companies that I have bought products from. First is Specopstech . This company has some GREAT products and I just picked up two items from them to test. One of them I will be using at the Snipershide Cup. The other company is CORBON. They make pistol and rifle ammo. They just started making 260 REM ammo. The company sent me 3 boxes of ammo to test.


29 NOV 07

It has been a while since I updated my website. I have been very busy and have not had a chance to do so. Here is some news. On 03-04 NOV, I shot in the Shooters Bash put on by RiflesOnly and SnipersHide. This years match was different from any other match that they have run. Alot of the events were run and gun. We shot from different positions and many times it was after we did some type of movement. One of the events was a long obstacle course. You were either climbing over things or crawling through something and also shooting off the obstacle. We did not do very much shooting from the prone position. I can only remember shooting two different times from a prone position. We also did some pistol shooting. The match was physical, but do able. The match was a blast. There was a total of 49 shooters at the match. Because of the amount of movement we did I was not able to get many photos.

I picked up a DPMS AR10 in 308 to try my hand with a gas gun. I made a few changes to the rifle. I replaced the buttstock with a MagPul stock, had the barrel cut back to 22"and had it threaded, installed a 22 moa scope base, and also replace the trigger group with a JP trigger. I have been testing the rifle and will post something about how it shoots later. It is just a project that I am working on.

In the last several years I have been doing quite a bit of business with Badger Ordnance. They make some of the BEST scope mounts, rings and also a Mag conversion for a REM700 that will take a AICS mag.. I have bought quite a few mounts and rings from them. If you are looking for something make sure and give Badger a call. They have GREAT customer service also.

As I have posted before, here at SniperSustainment we are always looking for new products. I have found two different Log/Data books that are pretty good. The first one is from Ballistic Technologies  and the other is from Storm Tactical . If you are looking for a Log/Data book give one of these a try. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2008.

18 MAY 07

I have been very busy the last several months. Have been doing a lot of traveling and shooting. In March I shot the SnipersHide Cup. This was a three day match and it was very challenging this year. One thing we did different this year was that we shot from a HELO . We started by being strapped into the helo. We then lifted off and we flew around the range. Once the helo hovered we were given a M-4 rifle and we had to engage three LARUE targets. We then flew back. Once we landed, we ran from the helo to our precision rifle and we then engaged targets from 5 different positions. This was the HIGHLIGHT of the whole match. We shoot many events over the three days. We also shot two pistol events. This match was very HARD and challenging. The top shooter finished with 49% of the total match points. This was one of the hardest matches I ever shot. There was a total of 61 shooters and I finished number 40. I learned quite a bit from this match and I hope to do better at next years match.

This month I again went to shoot a match at Tiger Valley in Waco TX. This was my second time shooting a match there. It was a one day match. we shot a total of 125 rounds in one day. We did all of our shooting on the Known Distance range . Tiger Valley has an excellent 1000 YD KD range. In the morning we shot from 200 all the way back to 800 yards. We shot stationary targets, movers, Stop and Go's and Bobber's. In the afternoon we started at 600 yd's and moved back to the 1000 yd. We also again shot stationary targets, movers, Stop and Go's and Bobber's. The winds were running from 10 to 15 mph coming from our 6 O'clock. The wind was also fishtailing.  We also shot at night. We started at the 200 yd and moved back to the 300 yard. The night shoot was shot with very little light. There was a total of 30 shooters and I finished number ten. This was a good match and I learned a lot.

I also shot quite a few pistol matches in April. I shot three matches total. This allowed me to practice a little with my pistol. Many of the sniper and precision rifles match that I shoot in will require us to shoot pistol events. That is why I like to shoot and work a little with my pistol.

As I have posted before, here at SniperSustainment we are always looking for new products to test. Many times companies will send stuff for us to test or sometimes we find new products and we buy them to see how they work. This time I got some DTAC Ballistic Cards from Superior Shooting Systems . The cards were designed by Brand Cole. The cards I got were for M118LR ammo. You can call Brand and he will design the cards for what ever ammo you are using. All you have to do is give him the data for your ammo. I have had the cards for several weeks and they seem to work well. I will post a review later on these cards. Stay tune for more updates.


Welcome to a new year. I am just getting around to adding the latest news. Last month I shot a precision rifle match at TigerValley  in Waco TX. It was a two day match and we shot 9 events. The wind was BRUTALLY on the first day. It was running from 35 to 45 mph. Some of the events were a pistol rifle comb. We also shot a quail course that was similar to the Marine Corp Sniper quail. Tiger Valley has a 1000 yard Known Distance range and is a good place to get hard data on your rifle. I ended up winning the match. This was the first match that I shot my 260 REM with.

Speaking of 260 REM, I recently had GA Precision build me another rifle . The rifle is a REM700 in 260 REM that is in a M40 McMillan stock. The stock was a Marine Corp trade in that McMillan was selling to the public at a REAL good price. I was luck to pick one up.

I also have learned a lot about the 260 REM. I have had to buy reloading dies, brass, bullets and powder for this caliber. It has been a learning process, but I think in the long run a good choice. Also GA Precision is going to start selling load 260 ammo. The ammo is from BlackHills and is made to GA Precisions specs.

This month I will also be shooting the SnipersHide Cup . This is always a good match to shoot. Many shooters come from all over the US to shoot this match. RiflesOnly is again the one putting on the match. They do a great job. Stay tune for more details.


01 DEC

In November I shot in the TacPro Team sniper match. This was a two day match held at Tac-Pro Shooting Center in Mingus TX. There was a total of 20 teams that shot the match. We shot from 50 yards, all the way out to 1000 yards. We did Cold bores, 100 yard drills, shot from the Tower , position shooting, shot two pistol and rifle events, night shoot and we also did four non-firing events. This was the first time I shot one of there matches. It was a GREAT match and I plan to go back next year and shoot this match again.

I just got back another rifle from G.A.Precision . They built me a rifle on a M40 stock in 260 REM. I am waiting on a scope base and when I get it I will take it out and break it in. I will post a report on the rifle later.

2006 will be history in about 31 days. It has been a very busy year for me. In 2007 I plan to shoot in a lot more matches then did this year. I will be posting the upcoming matches I will shoot in 07. I also will keep everyone informed on the latest produtcs that I will be testing.

One more thing, keep in mind that we still have men and women overseas that are in harms way. These men and women are fighting for our freedom. When you sit down with your family and friends this holiday season make sure and keep them in your prayers. See you in 07.

03 NOV

Last weekend I shot in the 2006 Shooters Bash held at RiflesOnly in Kingsville TX. This was an excellent match and it really tested our rifle skills. We shot 21 events over two days. We shot two UKD events, 4 pistol events (one at night), movers, two run and guns events and many others. Many of the steel targets we engaged were just a little over an MOA. We also shot some paper events at 180 to 220 yards. This was the most difficult events for all of us. Here is where the shooter leading the match dropped a few points. Since many of us are use to shooting paper events at 100 yards, the 180 and 220 yard distance showed that many of use did not have good hard data for these ranges. I know I didn't. After this match I know what I need to practice on.

In October I also spent three days at RiflesOnly doing some training. I was doing some long range rifle training. During the three days we worked on a lot of different things. We shot movers, we worked on range estimate, we did some angle shooting and many other things. It was a good three days of solid training.

As I have posted before here at SniperSutainment we are always looking for new items to test or that we get for testing. I have the new TAB shooting mat designed by my good friend Tony Burke. This is a lightweight shooting mat that rolls up in to a real nice small package and can be carried in your pack or tied on to it. Again once it rolls up it is very small. A new product from Tony. He will also be coming out with some other items in the future. I also received a Monopod  from CTK Precision. The monopod can be attached to the rear sling stud on your rifle. This product is made of some very solid material and looks like it will work. Stay tune for more updates on these products.


18 AUG

2006 continues to be a busy year for me. In June I spent three week at Camp Swift in Bastrop TX doing marksmanship and CQB training. Most of the training was CQB. I worked with a lot of solider's over the three week period. The weapon system used was the M16A2, M16A4 and the M-4 carbine. The solider's shot the Close Quarter Marksmanship quail course, they did STACK training and then finished off the training with a LIVE FIRE shoot house. I returned In July to help do training for the solider's that were going to the Border. I spent a week again at Camp Swift doing small arms training. Most of the training we did was on the M9 pistol. All of the solider's going to the Border are going to be carrying the M9's and because of this everyone had to receive training on this weapon.

I returned again this month to Camp Swift to run the MAC V Regional Sniper match. This was the third year that match was held at Camp Swift. There was a total of 5 teams that shot the match. Two team from TX (one of the teams was from the TX Air National Guard), two from Missouri and one from Kansas. The match was two days long. Here is a list of the events, Cold Bore, Stalk, Movers, SRT match, KIM'S, Range Estimation, and position shooting. The cold bore was a pretty good event. The sniper teams were brought up to a sniper hide. Once they were inside the HIDE they were given one minute to prep there gear. They then had three minutes to range and engage an unknown distance target. The target was a 20" X 40" iron maiden. The team only had one shot. Three teams hit the target. Distance to the target was 720 meters.

I finally received my new Rifle from G.A. Precision. This was the rifle that I won at this years SnipersHide Cup. It is a beautiful rifle and is chamber in 260 REM. This is my first time owning a rifle in this caliber. I took it out last week to break it in. The rifle is very accurate. Another GREAT rifle from G.A. Precision. Stay tune. More to come.

10 MAY

Here is the latest news. I shot in the SnipersHide Cup in March of this year at RiflesOnly in Kingsville TX. This was the third year for this match and it was one of the BETTER ones. Here is a list of some of the events we shot, Unknown distance, 100 yd precision events, pistol events (3 total), run and gun (my favorite), 800, 900 and 1000 yd shooting, and of course some night shooting. There was a total of 63 shooters shooting the match. Many of them were from all over the Untied States. There was also a GREAT prize table. Three rifles were given away and I was luck enough to win a Harbinger rifle from GA Precision . The owner of GA Precision George Gradner is a big supporter of the SnipersHide Cup and also many other matches. He donates many rifles and custom work to different matches. I should be getting my rifle real soon. I will post some pictures once I get it.

In April I run the TX Adjutant General's Combat Sniper match held at Camp Swift in Bastrop TX. This match was open to any member of the TX National Guard and also any TX Air National Guard member. There was a total of 10 teams that shot this match three of the teams were from the Air National Guard. Here is a list of some of the events, 2 cold bores, UKD shooting, range estimate, KIMS game, SRT match, mover match, some 100 yd precision events and also a Stress shoot. The match was a BIG success. Also in August  I will be running the MAC V Regional sniper match. This will be the second year that I run this match. Stay tune for updates on that match.

As I have posted before SniperSutainment is always looking for new products to test. I have received two new items. The first is the TAB Rifle Cover . The cover was designed by a good friend of mine name Tony Burke. I received the cover last week and I will be using it soon. The second item received was the Trigger Defender from Tactical Intervention. This is a new idea from Mike Miller owner of Tactical Intervention. I received this new item today and will start testing it soon. Stay tune for a write up on both of these products.

07 MAR 06

Welcome to a New Year. I am just getting around to updating the website. It looks like 2006 will be a busy year for me. Last month I attend an Advance Tactical Carbine class put on by Paul Howe of Triple Canopy. This is the second time I have taken a class with Paul. Last year I attend his basic carbine course. It was a two day class and I learned quite a bit. If you have a chance you need to look into taking one of Paul's classes. I plan to go back for another class.

Next week I plan on shooting the 2006 SnipersHide Cup. This match will be held again at the RiflesOnly training facility in Kingsville TX. This will be the third year that I shoot this match and as always SnipersHide and RiflesOnly always put on a GREAT match. Stay tune for an update.

Also I am still testing the USOptic scopes. I have really been putting the SSDS scope though its paces. I recently was given permission to continue using the scopes. I plan on writing an article for the website on the scopes. Stay tune. More to come.

09 DEC

I have just added a Photo page to the website. The photos are of the US Optic scopes that I recieved for testing. The link is on the HOME page. Make sure and checked out.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also as you gather with family and friends for the holidays remember that there are still men and women overseas in Iraq. Many will not be able to be with there families. Make sure and keep them in your thoughs and prayers. See you in 2006.

04 DEC

I received two scopes from US Optic last month for testing. One of the scopes is  the USO SN-3 3.5 X 17 built for the Canadian army. The scope was going to be used on some 338 Laupa rifles. The Elevation knob is very big and easy to adjust. The scope has a Mil-Dot reticle. The scope also has 4 knobs on it. The Elevation knob which sits on top of the scope, two knobs on the right side, one for the Windage and one for the Lit reticle and the one on the left for the parallax adjustment. The other scope is the USO SSDS 3.5 X 17 scope. This scope was going to designed for the USMC. It also has a BIG Elevation knob. The knob is calibrated for M118LR ammo. The knob goes from 100 to 1100 yards in one turn. It also has a Mil-Dot reticle. This scope I have already zeroed on one of my rifles and it is GREAT. The Elevation knob is SPOT on for the M118LR ammo. I will be doing a write up on the scopes and posting it on the website. Stay Tune.

In September I put in my paperwork for a suppressor for my 308 rifle. I went with a Jet Suppressor.  After seen's many of there suppressors at sniper matches and also shooting some rifles with there suppressors on them, I talk to the owner of the company Mike Brown and asked him to build me one. My paperwork has gone though and I now have the suppressor. I also got a gift certificate for another suppressor at the 25 hour Shooters Bash. I will be putting the paperwork in for a suppressor for one of my AR's.

Speaking of AR's I have a few of these rifles. Many of them I have built or have bought uppers. As you might know there are many types of accessories being sold today for the AR. I know I have bought a lot of them over the years. But this year I saw a new type of AR stock being offered by MagPul for both the AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. I recently bought one of these stocks for one of my SPR rifles. The stock was easy to install. The stock is GREAT. It is real good for rifles with optics on them. The stock has adjustments for length of pull and also a cheekpiece adjustment. If you have a chance go to there website and checkout this new stock.

03 NOV

Just got back from the 25 Hour Shooters Bash put on by RiflesOnly. This was a 25 Hour match that started at 1000 on Saturday and ended at 1000 on Sunday. It was 25 hours because there was a time change and we added an hour. We shot over 24 events in the 25 hours. We had a few breaks, but many of us did not sleep at all. Some people tried, but we were always moving or shooting. We shot from 35 yards all the way out to 1000 yards. We also shot two pistol events. There was a total of 29 shooters that started the match, but by the time Sunday morning rolled around we lost about 3 shooters. Most of them I guess had never been up or operated for more than 24 hours. This was the second year that RiflesOnly has put on a 24 hour match and I have shot in both of them. It was a GREAT match and I am sure there will another one.

In October I shot the Cavalry Arms 3-gun match held at Tiger Valley in Waco TX. This was a three day match. We shot 9 stages over three days and there was also a precision rifle side match. There was a 300 yard rifle event, a night stage that was shot in a shoot house and we also had to carry a 50 pound dummy in one event. It was a good match and also a good test of our Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun skills. I finished 3rd Overall in OPEN class and I also won the 1000 yard Precision rifle match.

I will also be doing some tests on the new USoptics scope. The scopes I will be getting are the ones that US Optic was going to make for the Marine Corp and also for the Candian Army. I will post pics of the scopes mounted on my rifle and I will also post some test results. Stay Tune.