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2004 TEXAS Rides
Event, Forum, and Rider Resources Page


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Please note that there has been a name change to the
Texas Roads Rallies and Rides resource page
due to an email recieved (see below)...


Subject: Copyrighted and Trademarked Name "RIDE TEXAS"
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 14:00:20 -0600


It might be that you are not aware that the "RIDE TEXAS" name is both trademarked and copyrighted. RIDE TEXAS was developed by MotoVenture, Inc. and has been in constant since 1999. Any use or representation of that name by another party such as yourself is an infringement on the rights held by MotoVenture, Inc. As such, we legally request that you immediately cease and desist of the use of "Ride TEXAS" on your website and materials. Use "Riding Texas" or something else is legit, but further use of "Ride Texas" is unlawful under federal and state laws.

If you have any problem or questions please contact myself at the number below or our attorney Larry Waks, of Jackson, Walker LLP Austin Texas 512.236.2000. He is copied on this email as well.

We're not looking to give you hard time. We just spent the last five years killing ourselves to make the magazine fly. We can't permit others to steal that name from us. We will enforce our rights. As a Texan, you should understand.

Best Regards,
Val Asensio
Publisher, Editor
The motorcycle magazine of Texas

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