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Joel and Letha's Website
Click below to find:

Pictures of Abbott the Rabbit

Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary

A Visit to the Omniplex in Oklahoma City

Some formal family photos

Goats in Arkansas

Family trip photos

Everyone loves babies, and here's what our family's babies looked like

Paul's Photo Page (not for those with weak stomachs)

Nate's Photo Page (likewise, I'm sure)

Paul's robotics competition

Spring has sprung--

The holidays are over--

I've added two new sections of photos. The goats in Ark. are pictures of Pa feeding the goats with the boys when they were young. I've started a section for trip photos; so far, just a couple on the capitol grounds of Cheyenne, WY. I also added a few more formal photos and some more in the boys' sections.

Spent some time with Nate during the holidays; everyone is ready for school to be out and the summer to begin.

Joel (4/2101)