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Interesting Links

Cowboy Showcase Home of the Western Spirit Showcase for the cowboy way and the spirit of the west featuring stories, cowboy lore, photos, western saddles, tack, and gear, sourdough and Dutch oven cooking, horses, and the western lifestyle

Natural Horsemanship Links

Jenny Vaught and Pine Dell farm Teaching natural horsemanship to horses and riders near Kansas City, Missouri

Parelli Natural Horsemanship Home

Susan FoxTrot's home Look at her beloved Missouri fox Trotters, boxers and the two cylinder vehicles...antique John Deere Tractors

Lone Star Foxtrotters High Caliber Missouri Foxtrotters; Natural Horsemanship Training Methods; Horses For Trail and Show; Small breeder using top quality studs - Buying, training and selling select foxtrotters; Representing horses honestly - references available