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Merry Christmas Y'all!


As many of you know, this year has been a wild ride for the Rooneys. We're thankful that, as it comes to an end, our lives are peaceful and happiness abounds.

We'll be spending Christmas in New Jersey with Michael's family this year. We can't wait! His family celebrates the holidays in style, with lots of good food and fun. I'm hoping to spend a day in New York City, soaking up Christmas in the city.

Mike is in his 12th year at Dallas Peterbilt. He sold the Nova and we bought a 1976 Taylor SS jetboat. We've had it since September.

He's has done a TON of work on the house this year - laid laminate wood flooring and tiles, installed my newest best friend (the convection oven) and microwave, and has finally painted over the hated pink walls in Michele's room with a really cool turquoise. She's thrilled!

He's also taken on the big job of being the 2nd Vice Pres for our PTA, which means that he handles all the fundraising. I think he bit off a little more that he intended to chew, but he's really doing a great job!

I'm the Historian for our PTA again this year, which I love since I get to follow people around with a camera and don't have to make any really important decisions. I get all the power of being on the board and none of the headache!

I'm still at Farmers Insurance - over 6 years now. I enjoy my job and it's flexible hours - and I work with some really fun people. Things are finally settling down in the home insurance arena after the ridiculous mold scare of last year and business is looking up!

Michele is having a FANTASTIC year! She's the Student Council President, editor of the yearbook and, although there isn't an official "head" cheerleader, she's the one who starts most of the cheers, by virtue of her inherited big voice. She was also one of 10 or so eighth graders at her school selected by the teachers to be a peer counselor and campus leader.

She's started babysitting and earning a little money, which she really likes. Most weekends you can find her at the skating rink with her best friend, Brenda. She's almost mastered "jam skating" and is hoping for a pair of really wicked speed skates for Christmas.

Sarah's a third grader this year and is very busy with Brownies and soccer. She's even joined an indoor soccer league, which really seems to be helping with her skills. She's doing very well in school, although her teacher says she spends a little too much time supervising her classmates. Jeanie always said she'd rule her own island nation someday - she's just getting a headstart on governing!

She's really gotten into reading for pleasure within the last couple of weeks - it's exciting to see her turn off the TV and pick up a book without being told to do so. She was out in the backyard yesterday with a book and a blanket - inside the giant box that my oven came in. She spent a couple of hours in her cozy little cave and had a great time.

I can't say enough about how proud we are of our girls. We really feel like we are supremely blessed!

We have a new resident at 1334 Marblehead - Elaine has come to live with us. You know all the old stereotypes about mothers-in-law? Well, they don't apply in this case! We all really enjoy her company. She was sorely missed when she recently spent a month in New Jersey and we're so glad to have her back home!

Red has had a great year too - especially now that Elaine is living with us. He has a constant companion to fuss over him and let him in and out whenever he likes. It's good to be the dog...

May Santa bring you everything on your list, may you eat all of your favorite Christmas treats and not gain an ounce, and may an anonymous benefactor pay all of your Christmas credit card bills! These are my most heartfelt wishes for you.
Have a very merry Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful new year.
We love you all!

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