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First Annual K.K.A.A.
Volleyball Game,
Picnic and Dance!

July 14, 2001

Entertainment by:


Have BandWill Travel

Roos in the band...
Wally Wallace ('72) (lead singer/guitar)
and Robert Holder ('72) (drums)

Thanks, guys, for playing for us!
Ya'll were Awesome!

(BOOKINGS... EMail: Paladin

Robert beating the Roo Rhythm of the Night...

Volleyball Game Winner is.....



Royce Phillips ('72)


Royce... "THE ROO HULK"!

Wally trying to decide where the
"weak" link was on the opposing team
(Of course, he's the "missing" link ;)

Linda Petrey ('72) encouraging
Reba to distract "The Volleyball King" (Steve)

Barbara Rush ('74)

"Hit another one at me, "Volley Ball King"... I'm Ready!"

Tammie Dunn-Wallace ('77)

"Me? Play Volleyball?... you've got to be joking!...
I'm here for the music!"

Timmie Dale Eads, Wayne Eads, Janice Hudson-Holcomb

"Sooo... when does the band start?"

Janice Hudson-Holcomb, Rick Hudson ('70),
Wayne Eads and Timmie Dale Eads

"Hurry up with those hamburgers, Rick!"

Debbie Smith-Phillips ('72) and daughter, Sara

"Momma... do I have to be here with all these OLD Roos?... when does the fun stuff start?"

Momma Gladys Drake, Violet Drake-Porter ('65) and C.R. Porter ('65)

(C.R.'s trying to convince us that Violet's over there
telling her Momma that he's such a Good Boy! ;)

Rex Hudson, Debbie Smith-Phillips and Royce Phillips

Mr. Hudson is thinking... "Our house will never be the same!"

Special "THANK YOU" to Rex & Rita Hudson
for allowing us to utilize their beautiful home
and land for our event!
"THANK YOU" to Darlene Gallaway-Haun ('65) for buying all the hot dogs and buns... sorry you couldn't make it... we missed you!

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