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Killeen Kangaroo Alumni

Roos Then...
and Now!

Joan Hebert-Robinson ('71)

Rick Robinson ('71) &
Joan Hebert-Robinson ('71)
(KHS Sweethearts, found each other again... Married 2001!)

Linda Petrey ('72)

Dawn Hulsey ('75)

Danny Wells ('74)

Danny Wells ('74) &
Nathan Wells ('57)

Steve Forsythe ('70)

Rick Hudson ('70)

Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73)

David Berry ('73)

David Culp ('72)

Renee' Wallace-Barton ('68)

Tammie Dunn-Wallace ('77)

Wally Wallace ('72)

Reba Holmes ('74)

Bill Pemberton ('73)

Twila DeGrazia-Patten ('73)

Steve Carter ('77) &
Teresa Vale-Carter ('77)

Johnny Bush ('74)

Pam Santore-Cooper ('74)

Barbara Rush ('74)

Terri Parker-Bolin ('74)

David Zavoina ('72)

David Lampley ('70)

Star Glass-Riddle ('74)

Loretta Phipps-Smith ('73)

Eugene Watson ('63)

This is a photo of my Family taken in
Killeen in 1966. My parents, C.K. and Marie,
my younger brother Gary '65 grad, in "Navy
Whites", myself (Eugene) '63 grad,
Kirvin "Bud" '61 grad, Marjorie '58 grad,
and Annette, '68 grad (deceased).

Debbie Engel-Herold ('70)

Brookshire Family (1994)

Heather's son Nathan, Rick Brookshire ('72)and wife,
Lois Weatherford-Brookshire ('73), Heather's
daughter Kailey, Heather Brookshire-Llewellyn ('92)
and husband, Chris Llewellyn, Jennifer Brookshire ('94)
and friend, Jeremy.

Randy Berry ('76)

Gene Horton ('52) &
Phynetta Gautier-Horton ('52)

Mikel Gunn ('77)

Mikel (on right) at his 25 year class reunion July, 2002,
with Rudy Bernal (left)... Mikel and Rudy went
through Elementary Belaire, Nolan Junior High
and KHS together!

Anne Sisson-Morris ('94)

Don Mohler ('71)

Joan Griffin-Day ('73)

Thad Rogers ('72)

Kathy Gensenleiter-Gervis-Niles ('76)

Debbi Morris-Mitchell ('75)

Arzaga Sisters



February 2003

From left to right, their father Ely;
Carol Arzaga-Milloy KHS '75 (Sierra Vista AZ);
Shirley Arzaga-Miller KHS '74 (Killeen TX- married to Rick Miller-'75);
Lilly Arzaga-Kittredge KHS '73 (San Diego CA);
Dotty Arzaga-Saccullo KHS '68 (Port Charlotte FL);
Vicky Arzaga-Chapman KHS '66 (Los Angeles CA);
Tessie Arzaga-Crosby KHS '63 (Corpus Christi TX);
Their stepmother Anna
(Their mother, Connie, died October 1999
and our father remarried July 2001)

There were 8 kids in the family - their one
and only brother Ely "Junior" Arzaga KHS '60
died November 1970 from injuries suffered from
a military jet accident and their sister,
Evelyn Arzaga Sergent KHS '65 (Baltimore MD)
died December 1995 from complications due to cancer.

Dawn Bennett-Morton ('76)


Front row, left to right:

Alex, KHS '72 (San Antonio, TX)
Judy, KHS '74 (Kirby, TX)
Suzanna, KHS '79 (Euless, TX)

Back Row, left to right
Caroline, KHS '76 (Georgetown, TX)
Andrew, KHS '82 (Cedar Park, TX)

Robert "Bob" Bennett ('74) &
Carol Nicolosi-Bennett ('75)

(Now you know how the sign got there!)

Carol Zett ('74)

Paul Spencer ('84)

Christine Duvall-Taylor ('74)

Shelli Rettig-Brown ('92)

Stephen Sproat ('72)

With daughter, Stacey,
at her wedding in August, 2002

More Pics To Be Added... Keep Visiting!

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