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TGIFridays - Killeen
August 4, 2000

After talking on, this was the first time Joan and Reba (who use to work together at City Hall and also found each other again on got to meet for the first time the person we all grew to love so dearly... Linda!

... and it was her birthday!

Maggie Gomez Ramirez Ruiz ('72), Linda Petrey ('72),
Reba Holmes ('74) and Joan Hebert-Robinson ('71)

Maggie, Linda, Reba and Joan


Linda with all the single men in the bar!

Well... it was her birthday! ;)

Reba, Joan and Linda with a couple of the waiters!

(the waiter in the tall beer hat is Maggie's son -
and we didn't know it until Maggie came in!)

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