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St Paddy's Day Party!!!

Bo's Barn
Salado, Texas
March 16, 2002

Entertainment by:

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Wally Wallace ('72)

Robert Holder ('72)

Josh Wallace
(Wally's Oldest Son)

C.R. Porter ('65) and Henry Rush ('65)

Henry just moved back to Killeen after living
away from the area for several years.
His sister, Barbara ('74), brought him with her...
He was excited to see C.R. and friends
he had not seen in years!

Darlene Gallaway-Haun ('65)

"Wally played 'WWW' just for me!"

Josh, Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73) and Wally

"Two handsome cowboys in black hats...
what more could a girl ask for?"

"The Unknown Cowboy" & Reba Holmes ('74)

(I think he's still trying to un-numb his leg ;)

"The Unknown Cowboy"

Randy Berry ('76)

Our "Official" Dance'n Partner!
(The girls kept him dance'n all night long! ;)

Renee' Wallace ('68) & Randy

"Renee'!!! ... I think ya wore um out!"
(But he has a smile on his face :)

Rick Hudson ('70) & Reba

Our other Dance'n Partner!

Violet Drake-Porter ('65) & C.R. Porter
and Kathy & Rick Hudson

"The Fun Bunch"

Mary Jane Neibling ('74) & Barbara Rush ('74)

(This was taken right after they saw each
other for the first time since school -
they were soooo excited!)

Mary Jane, Joe Borja ('72) and
LaDawn Brittingham-Borja ('79)

"The Crazy Bunch"

Mary Jane

"Now... where's that 'Unknown Cowboy'
when Wally's sing'n a good two-step'n song?"

Joe and LaDawn Borja

"I think I'll pinch him right about... "

Momma Lucy Wallace

(Had to have been something Wally said! ;)

Josh and Wally

(Like Father, Like Son...
TROUBLE with a Capital "T")

Don Caffey ('63) and Reba

"Hey, Don... ya think we can make it through
the Cotton Eyed Joe without calling 911?"

Wally Wallace


(Thanks, Kathy, for taking all the pictures...
Next time don't forget an extra roll of film
so we'll have more pics to post of more Roos! :)

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