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April 22, 2001

Before, During and After Shots...

(Boy, did we ache for days!)

Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73) & Reba Holmes-Watkins ('74)
with Renee' Wallace-Barton ('68) hiding behind them

Krista Berry with her Dad, David Berry ('73)

Bill Pemberton ('73) and his cousin, Hank Vince

Steve Forsythe ('70) showing off his war wound!

Rick Hudson ('70), Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73), David Berry ('73) and Bill Pemberton ('73)

(Kathy and David were clearing up a 30 year misunderstanding with Kathy presenting David with a new Nolan windbreaker she had made to replace David's old one that he never knew what happened to it, until she fessed up when she presented the new one to him)

(Pssst... Kathy now knows Not to iron a windbreaker ;)

Wally Wallace ('72) in his special redneck sporting attire (Tennie-Lamas)

Josh Wallace (Wally & Tammie's son), Jackie Reding ('73),

Reba Holmes-Watkins ('74), Wally Wallace ('72) and Royce Phillips ('72)

Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73) and Josh Wallace (Wally & Tammie's son)

Randy Berry (David's younger brother), Tammie Dunn-Wallace ('77)
and Renee' Wallace-Barton ('68)

More pics to be posted soon of other Roos that attended...

Linda Petrey ('72), Joan Hebert-Robinson ('71), Darlene Gallaway ('65),

Judy Gail Gallaway ('73), David Culp ('72), and more!

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