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Roo-ettes Sleepover!

June 16, 2001

A few of the girls got together after the Golf Tournament at Jackie Reding's new home in Copperas Cove... had a few Margaritas... stayed up all night... told secrets... pretended we knew how to dance... pulled out annuals and talked about fellow Roos... and waited for the "tap" on the window we use to get from a Roo Guy to sneek out the window - but at our age, we couldn't even get them to knock on the front door! ;)


(Only after a few of Kathy's Margaritas!)

Jackie Reding ('73), Linda Petrey ('72), Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73),

Linda Berry (David Berry's wife-'73), Reba Holmes ('74) and Joan Hebert-Robinson ('72)

Joan, Lisa and Jackie...

planning the night's events!

Linda and Joan - still grinning over Linda's jokes!

This is not a personal ad campaign for Jackie! ;)

Jackie and Reba acting out the events from the night before!

("yak... yak... yak... yakky-yak, can't talk back!)

Lisa and Kathy...

(Lisa said she didn't drink Margaritas...

boy did she like Kathy's special blend!)

Joan, Reba and Jackie-O...

saying our goodbyes the next morning..

no rest for the wicked!

Jackie refusing to let go of the Tequila bottle!

(Don't worry, Jackie... we'll buy another one for the next Sleepover!)

(pssst...Lisa! I'll just tell everyone you were "peeking" around the corner...
wouldn't dare tell everyone you were "holding yourself up")

(Just kid'n... we were ALL feel'n no pain!... until the next morn'n!)

Thanks, Jackie, for inviting us into your beautiful, new home...

we ALL had a great time!...

Remember, girls... mum's the word!

(How we started our Official Sleepover for Roo-ettes)

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