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Killeen Kangaroo Alumni

(Instructions Below)

*(Required Fields)

*HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?: ____________________
(ex: H.S. Web Site (which one - Classmates, etc); web search (which search engine - yahoo, altavista, etc); friend, etc)

*NAME: _________________________________________

*NAME AT KHS: __________________________________

*KHS CLASS YEAR: _______________________________

*JR HIGH: _______________________________________

*ELEMENTARY: __________________________________

BIRTH DATE: _____ / _____ / 19_____

*EMAIL ADDRESS: ________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________

HOME PHONE NO.: ________________________________

CELL PHONE NO.: _________________________________

WORK PHONE NO.: ________________________________

EMPLOYER: ______________________________________

POSITION/TITLE: _________________________________

BUSINESS WEB SITE: ______________________________

MARITAL STATUS/HISTORY (if married - even more than
once - spouses name, KHS class year if they
attended, marriage dates):

CHILDREN (names & birthdates):

PARENTS (include where they live, please make a
notation if they are deceased) (also, let us know
if they attended KHS):

SIBLINGS (include where they live, KHS class year,
please make a notation if they are deceased):



Copy and Paste the form into an email to (or click email button below):

1. Place your cursor at the beginning of the form above;
2. Hold cursor down on the Left Click and highlight the entire form;
3. Right Click;
4. Select "Copy";
5. Now click on your "write new email" button
like you were going to write an email, or
click on "email" button below;
6. Left Click in the body of the email where you would type a note;
7. Right Click;
8. Select "Paste".

... TA-DA!!!!
The form should be in the body of your email!
You can either delete the "lines" and type your
information, or you can just type over the lines
your answers, then email it to us. Complete the
information you don't mind sharing with other
Alumni. Please forward current pictures of you
and your family, along with pictures from school
(does not have to accompany this form).

Email us if you have problems....
and THANKS for registering with KKA!

-Reba Holmes ('74)
Killeen Kangaroo Alumni