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Larry Blanton
Class of 1963

Larry Blanton
Nokomis, Flordia
(941) 488-8317
Cell: (941) 809-2003


February 26th


Killeen High School

Jr. High in Germany

Roosevelt Elementary, Tampa, FL


Owner, President
Blanton's Tree & Landscape, Inc.


Larry & Chici (Karen Worthington) married
January 1964,divorced July 1976, remarried 1984...
still married (as of now, ha,ha)


Lora Cay Blanton-Andrews, June 8, 1966
Larry Chadwick Blanton, Jr., September 8, 1969


My father deceased, 1996,
my mother lives with us and is now 89 years old.


Lived in Georgetown after marriage, then
moved to Nolanville, worked at Mid-Tex telephone.
Moved to Florida in 1972, where I was born,
worked at United Telephone for about 3 years,
then we moved to Largo, FL where I decided to
begin a Tree & Landscape Company so we could be
close to the Gulf of Mexico and I could pursue
my skin diving hobby. Spent many week-ends diving
and about once a year we went down to the Florida
Keys to dive during lobster season. In 1976 we
divorced and I started working as a telephone
contractor out of St. Petersburg, FL, then moved
to Sarasota, FL and started working for General
Telephone Co. Chici and I lived together until
around 1984 when we then remarried. We both love
living in Florida. I retired 3 years ago from GTE.
Our daughter is a Critical Care Nurse and has 2
children from her first marriage, and her 2nd
husband had a daughter, so we have 3 grandchildren.
Son is not married, however has lived with his
fiance for 7 years, no children. Both of our
children live close to us in the Sarasota County
District. Although retired, I keep busy with the
landscaping company.