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June 16, 2001

Leon Valley Golf Course

Belton, Texas

June 16, 2001

The Winner....

Wally Wallace!

Reba Holmes ('74) and Wally Wallace ('72)

(Poor Wally... what should have taken three hours to play 18 holes, took five hours with Reba Shots! - Reba kept forgetting we were golfing and not bowling!)

David Berry writing a ticket out...


Roo Old Timers (Roo R.O.T.) Delay of Game!

Wally, Rick Hudson - (trying to talk their way out of it and blame it on Reba!) - and David

More pics to be posted soon of other Roos that attended...

David Berry ('73), Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73), Rick Hudson ('70), Randy Berry,

C.R. & Violet Porter ('65), Josh Wallace (Wally & Tammie's son)

and Ross Carter (Steve & Teresa's son)...

and more!

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