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June 1, 2000


Austin, Texas

We connected on realized how many Roos were in Austin... planned our first gathering... brought annuals, old pictures from our "younger" days, shared recent family pictures... laughed... cried... and hated to say goodbye... but we promised to stay in contact...

never to forget each other...

or our memories...

(Left to Right)...

Pam Santore ('74), Janice Young ('74), Paul Edgar ('72),

Richard Sepulvado ('74), Sammy Gonzales ('74), Reba Holmes ('74),

Joan Hebert ('71), Stan Payne ('71) and Barbara Rush ('74)

(Do believe '74 RULED that day! :)

Pam, Janice, Paul, Richard, Sammy, Reba, Joan and Barbara

(Stan The Man was taking the picture)

(I think Pam was drinking "Long Island" Ice Tea ;)

Roo-ettes (left to right)...Joan, Pam, Barbara, Reba and Janice

Roo-Guys (left to right)... Paul, Richard and Stan
(Sammy had to leave before it was over)

We're standing outside getting ready to part... such feelings looking through annuals
and old pictures... sharing memories and bonding back together...
we hated to part from those that understood our feelings and memories from our youth...

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