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May 6, 2001

Old Hangout... Killeen Bowlerama

Site of the Roo R.O.T.'s (Roo Old Timers) Bowl-n-Fall

Surrounded by Wallaces selecting the Teams!

Reba Holmes ('74), Momma Lucy Wallace, Wally Wallace ('72),

Linda Wallace ('65), Tammie Dunn-Wallace ('77) and Josh Wallace (Wally & Tammie's son)

Lisa and David Berry ('73)

(Not sure what that is in Lisa's hand... a prod, maybe?)

Wally and Tammie Wallace

Rick Hudson ('70) and Reba Holmes ('74)

(Members of the Alley McBall Team!)

Tammie Dunn-Wallace and Cindy Forsythe (Steve's wife)

Bobby, Renee' Wallace-Barton ('68), Momma Lucy Wallace and Steve Forsythe ('70)

More pics to be posted soon of other Roos that attended...

Kathy Whitehead-Hudson ('73), Jackie Reding ('73)

Judy Phillips ('70)... and more!

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