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The Jackson and Harrison Family Official Website


Our  family have  a prominent  history situated in the piney woods of Northwest  Louisiana. The mere  fact that God has blessed so many in our  family  with  longevity has played a major  role in accumulating  decades of treasured history.  As time continue to move on we hope to learn more about our  family's heritage.  The  principal goal of this project is to commemorate those who have played a huge role  in making our  family what it is today! A secondary goal would be to help the younger family members learn who their relatives are.  Perhaps, even  you can play a key role in this project by providing the birth dates of some family members. And their may be other significant dates you can provide making this project develop into a major success by providing information such as birth dates  or other significant dates of which  I urge you to email me that information so that it can get publish on this website. With the support of the internet, transmitting information should be a breeze. In fact it can be really fun of being able to have a central place to access information about your family members. Collecting our  family's  history  is vital because it will allow each us  at  a glance to see  how large our family truly extend.   With the presence of the internet today some information can be readily acquired promptly.  However, on the other hand  a more sure way to acquire this information is by word of mouth. I would hope that you would also see the  generations.  Perhaps  as you are reading this brief article your creativity may begin to flow  and you would like to share some ideals. Whatever  suggestions you have to offer  please feel free to do so by dropping me an email. 





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