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 The Jackson Family have a rich history carved  in the piney woods of North central Louisiana.  Although broad research is still in the  beginning stages. Yet  I have come to comprehend that the vast amount of years that many of our family members  continued to exist calculate into decades of  history. I have confidence that there are other family members who are interested and maybe even curious as to know about our family heritage and back-ground. Wouldn't it be a learning experience to come to realize that we are descendants of  a former slave or maybe even a power figure.  Of course, that is not my primary objective. But I thought it would be interesting and a worthy cause to learn more about our heritage. Even from a biblical perspective many of the bible characters knew of their heritage which was passed down from generation to generation. I hope that this website will be enjoyable, and if nothing else will  inspire others to contribute with information and photo's they uncover  about our family.  Also keep in mind our family extends beyond the "Jackson" lineage we are also close kindred to the Harrison's and others. The type of information that would fall into the category of what I am looking for is:  Digital Pictures, articles, historical data, death notices, and web- links, etc... I kindly request that you forward the information to me to be posted on the family website.