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RJ's PrairieSkye

The original version of this website was inadvertently deleted.

Poetry by RebaJean at FictionPress.Com

Dans la Foret

Revolving Door of Short Form Poetry


The SpaceTime Continuum Collection

Fanfiction by RebaJean at FanFiction.Net


Sailor Moon

Vampire Princess Miyu

Kagome's Poetry Assignment

The Day the Magic Died

Third Rate Romance (M)

Sayonara, My Sango

All My Brothers Alternate Reality:

By the Numbers

Count the Ways

All My Brothers

The Last Letter

Fall into Winter

Long Way Home

The Easter Egg Hunt

At Last

Dark of the Moon (M)

Trapped Together til Halloween (M)

Ami's Notebook

Lost Marbles, err Memories


Deepest, Darkest Nightmare

Some Fanfiction by RebaJean is also posted on the following websites:


A Single Spark (Sesshoumaru X Kagome website)

Aria's Ink

Princess Serenity . Net

Winners of the 2002 Sailor Moon Halloween Contest

Stories are based on the scenario outlined in Chapter 1 of

Trapped Together Til Halloween

Best Comedy

Moomoo Stink and the Hell Raisers

by Crystal Rose and Lady Solo


Aria's Ink

Best Romance

Trapped Together

by Luna Hope


Destiny's Gateway

Princess Serenity . Net

Longest Running Story - Halloween 2002 to 2004


by Krysia