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Random quotes from conversations I have participted in:

(You get a cookie if you actually understand them.)

If I quoted you under a masked name, and you want me to put up your actual sn, let me know and it shall be done.

SirPetetheDroll: As in "this person is only odd to the point where he/she is still socially acceptable/reaps the benefits of being original without actually being original"

DookieHazard: lol

DookieHazard: band wagonner?

SirPetetheDroll: Close, but no cigar.

SirPetetheDroll: You are not allowed to do that.

CADWolf56k: do what?

SirPetetheDroll: To tell me you have a plan and then not tell me what the plan is.

SirPetetheDroll: How would James Bond thwart his enemies if his enemies were that smart?

CADWolf56k: ?

SirPetetheDroll: I don't know how you do it.

afriend: yeah neither do i so dont ask

SirPetetheDroll: lol

SirPetetheDroll: don't die

SirPetetheDroll: spanish and gym will be more boring

SirPetetheDroll: if u do

SirPetetheDroll: you know that feeling when you hear a really good song?

SirPetetheDroll: for the first time*

afriend: yeah

SirPetetheDroll: i wish they could make that into a drug with no side effects

SirPetetheDroll: I would be addicted like none other

afriend: yeah me too

afriend: haha

SirPetetheDroll: God, the first time I heard a perfect sonnet

SirPetetheDroll: it was like holy shiz