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Dear editor,

This is getting ridiculous. I am shocked at how many people around the world are protesting the potential war with Iraq. And many students at Pearce are on the same page.

I have come to the conclusion that this is one of two things. A fad that occurs whenever war is possible, or a phase that many people go through during their college years, because, after all, a vast majority of protestors are in the late teens and early twenties.

I feel like I am going crazy. These war protestors are chanting things such as “Unprovoked war is terrorism”. If you put a pacifist ring on it, it has to be true, right?

As for the chant, this isn’t unprovoked war. Am I the only person who remembers what happened on September 11th, 2001? Apparently, I am. Countries such as Iraq are a haven for terrorists, and yet we ignore it.

Does anyone else see the complete lack of logic in “Unprovoked war is terrorism”? You don’t wait until you lose 3,000 innocent civilian lives to justify war. You wage war, after using diplomatic means (What have we been doing the past many months?), to prevent 3,000 innocent civilians lives from being lost!

And how much longer do you think those protestors would be holding up their signs if they lost their brother, or sister, or even their cousin from a terrorist attack? Is it just coincidence that you don’t see a brother, sister, or cousin of anyone who died on September 11th out there protesting? It’s really easy to preach peace when you haven’t been affected by the tragedy, right protestors?

Apparently, 3,000 innocent American lives are not enough to justify a war on terrorism. Apparently, we need more to die before we can be “allowed” by the world and the protestors to go to war.

Except next time, it won’t be 3,000. Next time, it’s probably going to be as bad as a nuclear or biological weapon detonated on New York City or Washington, D.C. That’s not 3,000 lives, that’s a whole city.

Except, of course, after that happens, we will only have lost one of the biggest cities in our economy, and the center of our government, along with millions of innocent lives. But, hey, at least we will have our morals, right? And that’s enough to stop the fallout from killing even more people, right? Oh, wait…

Isn’t it funny how quickly we lost our support from the world? After the attack over a year ago, we had countless countries offering their support, many offering military reinforcement.

Then, suddenly, after we successfully invade Afghanistan… all of the support just… goes away…? Is it just coincidence that the invasion of Afghanistan was a cakewalk? It’s obvious that our “allies” just wanted to “support” us long enough to claim that they were on our side after the attacks. But when it comes down to a somewhat more difficult military campaign… where did all our friends go?

And isn’t it funny how many of the countries protesting the war are the ones we spent countless American lives liberating in the 1940s from Nazi Germany? Funny how fast they are to accept military help, but then when another country needs military support… they are a completely peaceful people.

It’s really easy to preach peace when you haven’t lost 3,000 innocent lives, right Europe?

And speaking of the 1940s, what ever happened to those good old days when Americans stood up for themselves? Oh, that’s right, the United Nations started getting in the way. Think about it, going through all these formalities with the U.N. has now given Iraq many, many months to prepare for invasion. I think we can rule out any element of surprise.

The protestors’ most common argument is that the U.S. is only going to war to obtain oil. Yes, apparently, there is no chance that President Bush is trying to live up to the oath he took on his inauguration day; there is no chance that he is going to war to try to protect his country and the millions upon millions of people who live in it, even those who would spit upon him if they had the chance. There is no chance he is going to war to try to keep a Muslim madman from using nuclear weapons. He’s doing it for oil, of course.

“Why is it okay for the U.S. to have weapons of mass destruction, and it’s not okay for Iraq to have weapons of mass destruction?” is another common point among protestors. Maybe because Iraq is run by a radical Muslim dictator who slaughtered his own people to obtain his power, and who still kills his own people. Maybe because the United States of America is a democracy who is not trying to commit worldwide genocide. But that’s just a thought, you know, just off the top of my mind.

And yet, after all this, protestors still call for a peaceful solution. What they don’t understand, and apparently don’t want to understand, is that we are dealing with an enemy that does not want peace. The enemy will not reason, will not compromise. This enemy hates us because we are Americans, and until we are no longer Americans, he will not stop trying to kill us. This enemy isn’t Iraq, they enemy is terrorists.

So what if Saddam disarms? Do you really think it stops there? No, Saddam has created a country that is a haven for terrorists. Where they can train, plan, and prepare for more terrorist attacks to come. That is why we are going to go to war with Iraq, because President Bush is trying to protect you and every other American citizen.

It does not even stop there. By eliminating the threat of Saddam to the U.S., Bush is also ridding the entire world of his threat, even if they don’t support us in doing so.

I, for one, do not want to die by the hands of a terrorist. I don’t see why so many Americans are so eager to allow this threat live on.

-Elliott Pete