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Writing, like poetry and music, cannot be manufactured. True eloquent writing comes from inspiration, and no matter how hard schools try, they cannot make students live up to their full potential until they let the students write about what they care about. Nine out of ten students do not give a rat's ass about an author's tone, diction, or rhetoric elements.

Likewise, analyzation on literature should not be forced, for the best analyzation comes from free thought on the subject matter, and furthermore, analyzation on literature cannot be manufactured either, for there are too many factors that go into writing for one to take a scientific approach to analyzing writing. The fact that students are forced to do this not only disillusions them from the author's purpose of writing but it takes a huge bite out of the experience of just reading a book and enjoying it. This is what deters the mass of students from reading for fun, and it is a shame.

- E.A. Pete