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I am getting really sick of school. Tests, GPA, class rank, TAKS, TAAS, SAT, PSAT, college... what a load of crap.

Wouldn't life be a lot more happy if we didn't have to worry about this shit? I mean, really, the economy sucks so much right now that the CURRENT population has a really hard time finding jobs, even with college degrees and a shit load of experience. Ask my Dad. He kicks ass at his job, has a shit load of recommendations, I don't know how much experience since it has been so long, a good college degree, and it took him over a year to find a decent full-time job when he got laid off last August. And his new job pays $33k LESS than his old one. No shit.

So think about it... the baby-boomers screwed the hell out of social security, and the old people don't give a shit about the world they leave us with (pollution ring a bell?) so the old people always vote down any bill or politician who wants to save OUR asses. The baby boomers also screwed up the job market, and since our borders are practically NON-EXISTANT, the population is pretty much booming and shows no sign of stopping. If you ever saw the first part of Pleasantville, you would know how screwed over the Generation Xr's are, and we are a generation behind THEM.

So even if I get into college and get a good degree, what are the chances it will pay off for a job that actually pays well? I mean, if I started working now and just saved my money, could I possibly end up better? It looks like it. It would save me a lot of grief, too.

Sometimes I wish I could learn to play the guitar and learn to write good songs and become a musician and actually make it in the world. But the chances of that are pretty much the same as me getting a college degree and getting a good job.

And hell, even if I DO get a good job, where's the security? If the economy ever goes south, I'll either have my salary cut or I will be laid off and be in the same situation. This is such shit.