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"The dinar, Iraq's currency, also lost ground against the U.S. dollar, slumping to about 2,800 to the dollar, compared to 2,600 a week ago."

"At Saddam International Airport, hundreds of passengers snatched up the last available plane seats to Jordan and Syria - the only destinations available Tuesday."

"Japan praised Bush for his decisive stance and Australia offered troops for his campaign - displaying some of the deep divisions around the world over the president's demand that Saddam step down by Wednesday night or face war."

My favorite:

"Inspectors last withdrew from Iraq in December 1998 before U.S. and British airstrikes, launched to punish Iraq for failing to cooperate with the arms searches."

1998... Clinton Administration... hmm. You see, Clinton also attacked Iraq. Bush is just being honest to the American people about his military campaigns.

Also, when European countries, Russia, and china say "Peace instead of War", they really mean "An oil market for us instead of War".