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Email for dealers packet. Fill out the Dealer Booth form and mail it back in to us at the address in the packet.

General Information

All booths will be a part of a four-booth island. The Dealers area will have over 5,400 square feet, with a 10' minimum of aisle space. All booths are 10' x 10', and come with two tables. They will be sold by first come, first serve. There is a limit of 4 booths per dealer, unless arranged otherwise. You will need to provide your own table skirting if needed.


Each booth is $250.00, and includes 3 badges. Up to two additional badges may be purchased for $25.00 from, now til the weekend of Anime Overload 3, per booth.





Attendance Numbers

We have been running many different promotions and we are expecting over 1200 attendance for our third year convention.


The demographic makeup of Anime Overload is an estimated 50 percent male, 50 percent female. The average age of an Anime Overload attendee is twenty and is currently skewing younger due to the increased presence of anime titles on television aimed at a younger demographic.

Booth Confirmation

Anime Overload will not be accepting partial payments or deposit. In order to confirm/reserve all booths for Anime Overload must be paid in full (unless agreed upon otherwise).


"Dealer" must "Check-In" and occupy all booths by Friday, July 8, 2011 at 10:00 am. Failure to "Check-In" will result in an automatic cancellation.


In the event of a cancellation by "Dealer", they may receive a 100% refund before February 1st 2011, 50% until April 1st, after April 1st no refunds given. Dealers must cancel within 90 days of payment to receive a full refund. After which, there will be no refund given upon cancellation, or failure to "Check-In" (unless agreed upon otherwise).


To reserve a booth, please mail this completed form along with your payment to: P.O. Box 201004 Austin, TX 78720. Make all checks or money orders payable to: "Anime Overload".

Intellectual Property Laws

Anime Overload respects the customs laws, intellectual property laws, and treaties of the United States and other countries and international bodies. Goods that are protected by intellectual property laws include books, posters, video tapes, CDs, DVDs, toys, models, trading cards, T-shirts, and labels. Anime Overload reserves the right to ask any dealer to show an Anime Overload staff member a bill of sale or import papers on any goods, and reserves the right to search dealers' merchandise for infringing or illegitimate goods at any time and without advance notice. If any search or any complaint from an industry representative, convention attendee, or other person locates a suspicious good, the dealer must remove the offending merchandise from its table immediately, and must pay a fine to Anime Overload of up to half the total cost of their tables. Any dealer that persists in selling infringing merchandise after being asked to remove it, will be removed from the Dealers' Room and the convention without a refund, and may be denied access in the future.

Anime Overload considers the following features indicative of legitimate merchandise:

  • Authentic imported merchandise with the proper Japanese taxation labels in an obvious location on the outside of the package;
  • Visible information such as copyright notices, the date of manufacture, place of manufacture, the name of the producing studio; or anti-counterfeit devices such as watermarks or holograms;
  • Those garage kits which, despite photocopied covers, still have legitimate copyright information and taxation stickers; and
  • Goods that are of standard or better quality.

Anime Overload bans the following merchandise, and considers the following features to indicate illegitimate merchandise:

  • Son May (SM) compact discs and minidisks;
  • Ever Anime compact discs and minidisks;
  • The Korean-based Academy Models line of anime-related kits;
  • Goods that are known bootleg items;
  • Goods that are of below standard quality; and
  • Good without legitimate tags or appropriate packaging, or not made by its proper manufacturer.

Adult Material

Dealers may promote and sell adult material, provided that:

  • The materials are clearly marked and sealed;
  • They are kept behind the dealer's table and out of the reach of minors;
  • The dealers check IDs for customers who appear to be under the age of 30;
  • No adult materials are sold to anyone who is clearly a minor;
  • No adult films or videos are exhibited anywhere except in the video rooms; and
  • No materials contain images of child exploitation or child pornography.


Although we strive to provide a high level of security, Anime Overload and The Hilton Hotel are not responsible for damage of loss to property, equipment, or personal vehicles, whatever the cause. We strongly recommend that you provide customers with receipts to avoid disputes.


Trading booths with another dealer is not permitted unless by prior notice and confirmation from Anime Overload Dealers Room Manager.


At the convention location, in Austin, the applicable state of sales tax rate is 8.25%. If your Texas tax license is not already on file with us, please submit a copy with this contract, or no later than time of payment. No one can sell any goods from their hotel room, and Anime Overload reserves the right to punish dealers for violating this rule.

Anime Overload reserves the same rights to search, fine, or expel dealers for violating the rules above as for goods that violate intellectual property laws.

There is to be a one-strike policy for disregarding Anime Overload dealer "Rules and Regulations". After that one strike, all goods in the booth are to be removed from the building immediately. Goods removed will not be allowed to be transferred to another "Dealer" for re-sale. If caught doing so, a strike will be issued to that "Dealer". A limit of one initial warning may be issued at the Dealer Manager's discretion.

Indemnification, Arbitration, and Governing Law

If Anime Overload is held responsible for any misconduct committed by a dealer, Anime Overload reserves the right to seek indemnification from that dealer, including litigation costs. The exclusive remedy for any disputes arising under this contract is submission to the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for binding arbitration. Texas Law will apply.



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