As I got out of Agent Watson’s car, he asked if I had left the porch light on. Turning to the house, sure enough the outside light was on, and I almost never use it.

“I didn’t,” I assured him, emphasizing the “I” to imply that perhaps he did.

Quickly he was out of his car and leading me to the front door. As I unlocked the door, I could not help but notice that his hand was again in his coat pocket. When the door swung open, I was speechless, and I heard his pocket click as he barged past me into the house.

“You guys...” I angrily began.

“Wasn’t us!” snapped Agent Watson, cutting me off in mid sentence. “Stay here!” he ordered, motioning me with his left hand. His other hand, and a wicked looking gun, were out of his pocket by then.

I stood in the living room, contemplating the mess while he made a quick search of the house. When he returned, gun back in his pocket, I began to wander through my home. It had been thoroughly ransacked, with every drawer dumped out, every closet emptied. There were items scattered about the floor that I had forgotten that I even possessed.
“Welcome home,” he said solemnly, “Messy housekeeper.”

“She only does windows,” I replied, with more frivolity than I felt.

Even the kitchen utensils and silverware had been dumped in the middle of the kitchen floor.

“Professional job, checking the backs and bottoms of the drawers,” muttered Agent Watson, squatting to peer into the counter where the drawers had been.

“What’s going on?” I asked, lamely.

“If you don’t know any more than you say, then you’re in over your head,” he replied, adding, “Way over your head!”

…. Since I felt sure that I was continually being watched, and might even have a tracing device on my car, I decided to take special precautions. This was an opportunity to put into use some of those ideas from my “How To Be A Detective” manual.

I drove to a popular shopping mall, parked close to an automotive store, and entered, carrying a box that had once contained a car battery. I was wearing a conspicuous red jacket. Once inside the store I stepped into an empty elevator and pushed the “down” button.

I stepped from the elevator moments later wearing a dark green jacket and cap, wearing glasses, carrying a shopping bag, and quickly moved to the exit on the far side of the store. Outside, I hailed a cab that carried me about 10 blocks. From there I caught another cab across town to within a half block of a car rental agency. Surely I had lost any pursuer by that time.

Renting a plain white sedan, I cautiously, and a little smugly, drove out of Arlington, heading east.

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Reader Reviews

GREAT BOOK! Jun. 1, 2001
Reviewer: Morgan U. Fort Walton Beach, FL
I loved this book. I can’t wait until the next one in the series is out. Not only did the book keep me totally wrapped up in the story, but it was masterfully written. I also loved the fact that it was short enough to read in two or three sittings. Mr. Hillhouse hit the nail on the head with this book, I now have another author to add to my favorites list. If you want to read an entertaining book that will make you keep reading, this is the book for you.

Reviewer: an avid mystery fan
I would consider myself a credible reader, as I have been reading mysteries all my life, from Nancy Drew to Agatha Christie to Nero Wolfe. I approach new authors with hesitancy, but this one came highly recommended, so I gave it a shot. Now all I can say is, “When is the next book coming out, Mr. Hillhouse?” Excellent work!

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