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Deep In The Woods: The BeginningDeep In The Woods: The Beginning

Have you ever been deep in the woods, far from civilization, when suddenly even the birds are quiet? Have you ever been in a deep cavern and wondered what strange and hideous creature might be lurking in the pitch-black darkness around the next bend? These are just a couple of the eerie feelings experienced by Betsy Parker in this coming-of-age adventure in a densely wooded Appalachian community.

Many years previously, entire families disappeared overnight from Spooky Hollow, never to be heard from again. The local people spent decades trying to forget those happenings. Now when two local youngsters vanish into thin air, the oldtimers can't help but secretly ask themselves, "Is it happening all over again?"

A city girl moved to the country, Betsy soon forgets about trying to make her own adjustments when she begins stumbling upon reminders of the past that the people of the community have long tried to overlook.

As Betsy and her dog explore deeper and deeper into the woods, she eventually finds the answer to the question, "Are we ever really alone?"

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Reader Reviews

Reviewer: A.D. Lexington, KY.
Once I started “Deep in the Woods” I couldn’t put it down. The characters are fun to get to know (like Cody in Mr. Hillhouse’s other novels). This one will keep you guessing along the way, and with the cliffhanger at the end, I can’t wait for the continuation! I highly recommend all of the books by this author!

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