Strips of tin were missing from the top of the barn, but the house seemed to be in slightly better condition. As they grew closer, Betsy could see that most of the glass remained in the back windows upstairs, but the first floor windows had been boarded over. The back porch had a chair, a shelf, and what appeared to be a wash pan still sitting on the shelf.

Stepping softly around to the side of the house, Betsy noticed that the upstairs windows still had curtains, but again the bottom windows were all boarded over. Out across a badly overgrown front yard, Betsy could see an old mailbox still standing, though the post was severely leaning, at the very edge of the road, the mailbox's open door making it look as though it was sticking its tongue out at anyone coming down the road.

Listening carefully, the only sound Betsy could hear was from the creek cruising along on its timeless journey, just across the road. At Nicky's insistence, they moved on around to the front of the house. Surprisingly enough, the front door to the house was slightly open, which seemed strange next to all of the boarded windows.

Suddenly Betsy thought she heard a noise from within the house. Whether from a noise, or from Betsy jumping, Nicky's ears suddenly perked up, also. Betsy quickly stepped on out to the road, trying to be silent, yet ready to break into a run at one more sound.

Upon reaching the road, Betsy turned back to the house. Strange, from the road the front door appeared to be shut. She could certainly understand the name Spooky Hollow, as she became aware of goose bumps all over her arms.

…. On past the flamingo was a small clearing. As she approached it, Betsy was surprised to discover a small grave. The tombstone looked very old and was broken. One of the pieces was propped up, and on it Betsy read the inscription, "Jefferson Delk Harbison...taken by the angels at 2 years."

Betsy was very surprised at the name, as she had seen the name, Delk, only once previously that she could remember. It was her grandmother's maiden name. But what really shocked her was the fact that the grave was the only spot in the yard cleared of weeds, and it had reasonably fresh flowers on it.

Suddenly Betsy felt a quick shiver go through her body. She felt as though someone, or something, was watching them.

…. The tables and the arms of an old sofa had crocheted doilies on them, yellowed by age. There did not seem to be as many cobwebs here as she had seen in the other house, but it had the same musty smell.

Opening a side door, she looked into the other front room. It was even darker, but as her eyes were able to adjust, she was surprised to see shelf after shelf of books and papers.

"This was a regular library," she said to herself, noticing that Nicky was not at her feet like he usually was.

As she slowly stepped backward, eyes still riveted to the rows and rows of books, Betsy suddenly felt a hand clamp down firmly on her shoulder.

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Reviewer: A.D. Lexington, KY
Once I started “Deep in the Woods” I couldn’t put it down. The characters are fun to get to know (like Cody in Mr. Hillhouse’s other novels). This one will keep you guessing along the way, and with the cliffhanger at the end, I can’t wait for the continuation! I highly recommend all of the books by this author!

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Ghosts Of Lookout Mountain
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