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Grandma's Cookbook

Would you like to escape from the hectic pace of today's complex lifestyles back to the simpler time of a few generations ago, when the major essentials of life consisted of a good mule and a good cook, though not necessarily in that order?

While that may not be possible, at least you can escape in your mind as you read this book, and reminisce about the times gone by. This cookbook is more than just a gathering of old recipes. The actual recipes are embellished with anecdotes of how life was in the Fall River, Tennessee community. The old swimming hole at the creek, horse and buggy pranks, stubborn mules, dinner bells, unusual relatives, etc. are sure to bring back memories to any reader who has ever lived, or heard about, the simple country life. Every family had their share of favorite treats, made a special way. Thus, stories about the old days just naturally tie in with Granny's "Depression-efficient" recipes.

Enjoy the stories, then if you dare, enjoy the recipes as well!


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