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(2)1989 ParaPlanes PM-2 For Sale

Model: PM 2

Serial No: 3775

Date Mfg: 1-1989

Total Price: $ 5,000.00 (For Both)

Plus Shipping & Handling

E-Mail: Webmaster

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The ParaPlanes, model "PM-2", were made in 1989 by, "ParaPlane Inc.". These ParaPlanes have two engines each and come with two props and two NEW props still in there boxes!

Also included in this deal!, is 3 canopys or better known as the "wings". The wing flies the unit.

To include is a copy of the original "ParaPlane-First Flight Manual". This comes with the specifications book for rebuilding the engines, if you ever need to rebuild the power plants "engines". Plus about $1,500 in extra parts & accessories.

Now you could own both ParaPlanes! You may contact me by phone or E-Mail link Below.


or call me @ (209) 405-1140 / no calls after 10:00 PM. Thanks,

Ask for: John Agatep

That's 2 (TWO) Planes For The Price of ONE!