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Washington Targets Violent Games
April 21 2003,13:56 by SE

Washington retailers would face a 500 dollar fine for selling video games depicting violence against police to children under a bill passed Thursday by the state legislature. Governor Gary Locke is expected to sign House Bill 1009 - which passed the Senate 42-7 despite attempts by game companies to change it. The bill applies only to violence against police officers - but would effectively stop sales of many of the market's violent games to children. One amendment would have expanded the bill to include all title rated "M" by the game manufacturers because of violent content. But sponsors opposed that - saying the state constitution forbids delegating the authority of rating games to private entities.

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New Rainbow Six 3 Add-On Coming
April 21 2003,13:55 by SE

Ubi Soft has revealed the development of another expansion pack for Rainbow Six 3. The new add-on is titled Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword. Not much is known about the game except that it'll ship in the fall. Watch for screenshots and details to appear during E3 in Los Angeles next month.

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Intel Cuts Pentium Prices
April 21 2003,13:53 by SE

Intel has cut the prices of its fastest microprocessors for desktop and laptop PCs by as much as 38 percent. Reuters reports that the price of Intel's Pentium 4 running at 3 GHz was cut to 401 dollars from 589 dollars. The price of the mobile Pentium 4 chip running at 2.4 GHz was cut 348 dollars. The cuts came as Intel introduced faster models of both types of chips. The price of Intel's newest chip for desktop computers - a Pentium 4 which also runs at 3 GHz but has a faster system bus - was set at 417 dollars. The new 2.5 GHz mobile chip was set at 562 dollars. Cuts to Intel's price list generally translate into reductions in the price of personal computers.

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