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6th / 1st Air Cavalry Regt. Regulations

All personnel must have Roger Wilco and ICQ to be a member of the "Outlaws".

Sportsmanship is very important to us. No cheating! Cheating is for people who have no skill.


It is considered cheating.

Respect all pilots and no trash talking about squads or pilots.

If you fly for the Cav then that is the only squad in C4 you may fly for.

All members must maintain an active presence. You must make at least 1 of 2 practices a week (can be waived by the Cav Council).

Promotions are given out by points system. See the Promotion Chart for more details.

All squad information such as passwords and ip addresses are not to be given out to anyone outside of the squad.

It is the responsibility of the Cav members to give any help they can to new members to make the game better for them. Sharing information makes us a stronger unit.

When using Roger Wilco or Typing on the Server:

There will be no cussing or bad language!

If you have issues with Cav members or other Squads, contact the C.O., X.O., or Flt. Ops. Officer. They will assist you or convene the Command Staff/Cav Council for resolution.