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WILL TWEEDY: Will is the narrator and the main character in the novel. Will at the age of twenty-two is the narrator of Cold Sassy Tree. In the novel Will is a fourteen-year-old boy growing up in Cold Sassy, Georgia*. Will is a child with a free spirit and is often felt compelled to defy the rules. After the main conflicts in the story (Will's grandmother's death and his grandfathers second marriage) he begins to grapple with issues concerning love and death, and he develops a new perspective on life. Will has to deal with many conflicts in his life, including being ran over by a train*, falling in love with a mill child named Lightfoot Mclendon (whom which marries Will's enemy Hosie Roach), and having to be in the middle of a marriage that is opposed by the whole town of Cold Sassy. Will can be characterized by a person that is friendly, loyal, and courageous. Will's actions are similar to his grandfather Rucker Blakeslee, who is also a rebel and friendly to everyone. Will is very loyal to his grandfather by obeying and respecting his decisions. Will is the only person that truthfully understands Rucker and Miss Love's marriage. Will also makes up many stories about people, mainly about his Aunt Loma. Will also possesses leadership skills, for example when Will and his friends went on their trip, he was the leader of the group and called all the decisions.

RUCKER BLAKESLEE: He is Will's maternal grandfather. Rucker is a very humorous man that does not let anything get to him. Rucker holds a strong passion towards the South, but has no respect for Cold Sassy's small town gossip. Rucker is man that lives by his own rules, not the town's. He is the owner of Cold Sassy's general store*. The main conflict in the novel was based over Rucker getting married only three weeks after his wife passed away. Even though the town thought Rucker did not care about his dead wife (Miss Mattie Lou) he still respected her by laying blankets of roses over her grave when she was buried. Rucker's second wife was a woman named Miss Love Simpson whom which Rucker claimed was going to be his housekeeper, yet Rucker wanted a lot more than that from her. Rucker was always trying to please Miss Love by taking her to a hotel and on a vacation (which he never did with Mattie Lou), which caused the whole town to go into an uproar. Rucker was one of the first people to purchase a Pierce* automobile in the town of Cold Sassy. This and the fact that he owned the general store caused him to be robbed by two men who broke one of his ribs, leading to Rucker's death.

MISS LOVE SIMPSON: She is Rucker's second wife, who got married to Rucker just three weeks after Rucker's first wife, Mattie Lou passed away. Miss Love works for Rucker at his general store. Miss Love does not have her own house and she does not have a family either. This is why she decides to marry Rucker, so she may be able to have her own house. She marries Rucker agreeing to be his housekeeper. One conflict in the novel is over a man named Clayton McAlister, whom which Miss Love was going to marry. When Clayton comes to Cold Sassy to meet Miss Love she kisses him causing Cold Sassy to spread rumors about her. Clayton then gives Miss Love a saddle for a horse to show that he loves her, yet Miss Love sends him off. Now that Miss Love has a saddle she desires to have a horse to put it on, so Will goes to get her a horse that Miss Love then names Beautiful. Miss Love is a lady interested in fighting for rights of women, she is in the women's suffrage movement. Miss Love provides the main conflict in the novel, making her the antagonist of the novel.

MISS MATTIE LOU: Mattie Lou was one of the people that started the town of Cold Sassy. She was Rucker's first wife that passed away just before the beginning of the novel. Mattie Lou was very passionate about roses, this is why Rucker left them on her grave. She was in charge of taking care of grandpa Blakeslee. She was a woman that respected grandpa's wishes. She wanted to have more modern luxuries, but grandpa did not think that he should waste his money on luxuries, so Mattie Lou dealt with what she had and respected grandpa's wishes.

HOYT TWEEDY: Hoyt is Will and Mary Toy's father. He is a very devout Christian that very rarely misses church. The one day he does miss church is because he is getting a Cadillac*. He is the first person in Cold Sassy to own an automobile. Hoyt works for grandpa Blakeslee at the general store*. Hoyt is a very respectful person towards everyone, he respected Rucker more than Cold Sassy did.

MARY WILLIS: Mary Willis is Will and Mary Toy's mother. She opposed grandpa's decision to get married to Miss Love. She is a very emotional person, who seems to feel sorry for herself. She stayed in mourning for her mother for a very long time, and she also made her children stay in mourning longer than they liked to. She cared very much for her mother and felt offended by Miss Love trying to replace her mother.

AUNT LOMA: Loma is Will's aunt and sister to Mary Willis. Her child is named Campbell Junior. Loma was very hard on her husband Campbell Williams, she cuts him down all the time. Loma is very close to the age of Will, and they do not get along with each other. Will and Loma are like brother and sister and they pick on each other all of the time. Loma is probably the person who opposed Rucker the most.

LIGHTFOOT MCLENDON: Lightfoot is probably the cleanest mill child. Will Tweedy had a crush on her, and she also liked Will. Lightfoot helped Will when he was caught on the train trestle. It broke Will's heart when she announced she was engaged to Will's enemy. Hosie Roach.

CAMPBELL WILLIAMS: Campbell was the very lazy husband to Aunt Loma. He was criticized by everyone because of being lazy. Camp worked for grandpa Blakeslee also and was always being yelled at by him for being worthless. Camp could never fix things and this led to him felling worthless, till one day he committed suicide.

HOSIE ROACH: Hosie was one of the dirtiest mill children. He worked at the mill all of the time. Near the end of the novel Rucker hired him to work at the general store. Hosie was the oldest person in the school, and was Will's worst enemy. Hosie gets engaged to Lightfoot Mclendon.

LOOMIS: He is Queenies (the servant to the Tweedys) husband. He helped Will at the train trestle. He is a very hard worker. He was also a good preacher.

MISS EFFIE BELLE: She was Cold Sassy's town gossip. She would spread rumors about grandpa's marriage to Miss Love. She would send food to Rucker. Sometimes she would bring over food only to observe something going on in Rucker's house to gossip about.

CLAYTON MCALISTER: Clayton is a man from Texas*. In the past he was supposed to marry Miss Love. So he came to see her in Cold Sassy. He visits her, kisses her, proposes, gets refused, and then leaves her an extraordinary horse saddle. This whole visit is then gossiped about because Miss Effie Belle sees them kissing.

AUNT CARRIE: Aunt Carrie is also in the women's suffrage movement. She died Mary Toy's hair black to represent that she is in mourning. Aunt Carrie is not truthfully the Aunt of Mary and Will, she is just a friend of the Tweedys. She is a very proper woman, that is very good at speaking English.

CAMPBELL JUNIOR: Camp Junior is the son of Aunt Loma and Campbell Williams. He is a fat baby that is treated horribly by Aunt Loma. Loma does not respect the baby because she feels that the baby is like Campbell Williams.

QUEENIE: Queenie is the servant to the Tweedys. She helps to keep the household in order.

TR: TR is Will's dog named after Theodore Roosevelt*. TR goes with Will anywhere.

MARY TOY: Mary is Will's sister. She got her hair died black to show she was in mourning for her grandmother.

BLUFORD JACKSON: He was Will's best friend that died of lockjaw from a firecracker.

This is a picture of a Cadillac similar to the Tweedys owned. This is a picture of the state of Georgia. This is a picture of a train, maybe similar to the one Will almost got ran over by.
This is a Pierce automobile similar to the one grandpa owned. This is a general store, maybe similar to the one grandpa owned.
This is Theodore Roosevelt. This is the state of Texas.

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