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Welcome to my site!

This is me!

This picture was taken on April of 2000!

I am a fun loving and free spirited single mom who loves to laugh and joke around. I am looking for someone that is just as witty and funny as me or even funnier. I'm easy to get along with and very out spoken when need to be. I have a beautiful and talented seven year old daughter who is my #1 priority. So, I am looking for a white man, who has presence, intelligence, and who is not afraid to be himself, who can be silly when he feels like it, and composed when he has to, you know. I'm looking for someone that likes to do things as a family, and things as a couple. I am not looking for someone to support me, boss me, or worship about just enjoy and respect me!!!~ Tall is great, and sexy never hurts, but most of all he needs to be fun, and ready to embrace what life has to offer. Please travel light, meaning no excess baggage"wifes or girlfriends" what is in the past usually is there for a reason. Spontaneous, outgoing, or just loves to sit at home and watch movies and cuddle, running mate, a best Friend, a lover all in one. I would like to have someone to share my happiness with. I would like to find someone that wants to have a possable friendship at frist and then in the future leading to a meaningful relationship. I dedicate a lot of my time to my child, so he must be flexible and understanding. I believe in honor, truth, loyalty, love, romance, communicating. If you feel like you could fill those lonely nights I hope to hear from you.

If you would like to catch me on yahoo messenger my screen name is sistermuffins2002.

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