Sunday, July 08, 2001

Glen River Chapel


 Design – Authority – Responsibility – Suffering – Ownership – Freedom - Success

Design – Accept unchangeables – purpose for defects – thanks for the way He made us

(God has precise purposes for each person & relationship He establishes. Understanding & following these will enable us to find our identity & fulfillment in life.)

Authority – Become a Christian – submit to God’s will – learn authority structures – learn to appeal – learn to stand alone

(God has established a structure of authority and a balance of power. He has also ordained that with proper attitudes and wise appeals, those under authority can have far reaching influence.)

Responsibility – Be responsible to thoughts,words, actions, attitudes and motives – acknowledge offenses – gain clear conscience.

(God holds us personally responsible for every one of our words, thoughts, actions, attitudes and motives. Therefore, whenever we sin, there must be confession and proper restitution.)

Suffering – Accept suffering as part of our calling – forgive offenders – invest value in their lives.

(God has ordained that we receive grace for personal cleansing, growth and achievement by learning how to properly respond to those who offend us.)

Ownership – Dedicate self to God – yield rights – trade things for more of Christ – balance expectations – gain financial freedom.

(God allows us to conquer anger and worry as we acknowledge that all we have is from Him and belongs to Him. Based on this, we must yield our personal rights and expectations to God.)

Freedom – Engraft Romans 6-8 – enter into Christ’s victory on cross – remove provision for fleshly desires – be accountable.

(Godly freedom is not the right to do what we want, but the power to do what we ought. The freedom which God designed in morals and finances is to allow us to serve others in love.)

Success –Ask God for a vision of His achievement – seek God – welcome trials – expect death of a vision.

(God conquered the world, the flesh and the devil through the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. As we engraft Scripture into our soul and renew our mind with these truths night and day, we enter into His power and live above the law of sin.)

Accepting God’s priorities is the key to success in life.

How do wrong priorities relate to success in life?

True success is finding God’s will for our life and fulfilling it.

Boredom is the result of failing to develop our God-given interests and capacities

Symptoms of Failure

No personal relationship with God – Luke 16:19 (Look on inside, like God. Not just outside – James 2:4)

Temporal focus – Luke 16:19-21 (God intends to teach us about life as we both abound and suffer need. If the rich man had shared with the beggar, the beggar could have shared his faith with the rich man).

Disregard for death – Luke 16:22 (God’s final judgement is more final than the death that precedes it. When someone around us dies, it should be a call to evaluate our preparation for eternity.)

Demand to be served – Luke 16:23-24 (We discover purpose in life and greatness by serving others. Even in hell, the rich man wanted Lazarus to serve him).

Disregard for scriptures – Luke 16:25-31 (You man think because you don’t have a fantastic testimony you will be ineffective in witnessing for Christ. The Bible tells us those who faithfully give out the message of His written Word are as convincing as having someone rise from the dead. The rich man’s response reveals his own rejection of Scripture while he was alive.

Success (fulfilling God’s Priorities)

Fulfilling life’s calling requires seeing the principle of success from:

God wants to give every Christian a vision of how they can advance the cause of Christ. Moses’ vision – to free God’s people. Nehemiah’s vision – rebuild the wall. Paul’s vision – bring Gospel to Gentiles.

Expect the death of a vision. (Unexpected circumstances which hinder us from carrying them out.)

During the death of the vision, God wants us to concentrate on building character qualities like: faith, hope, patience, meekness and self-control.

During death of a vision, Satan tempts us to fulfill it with fleshly efforts. For Example: Abraham and Sarah.

Human effort to fulfill God’s vision will produce continuing conflicts, as with Sarah and Hagar and their descendants.

In time, God will fulfill our vision with supernatural power.

Each time God demonstrates His principles and power in our lives, we have new "chapters" of our "life messages" which we can share with others.

Our real fulfillment in life will come as we see God reproducing Christ’s character in the lives of others through our lives and witnesses.

The decision for marriage should be made when each partner sees how he or she can be more effective married than single.

Once they are married, they must purpose not to violate Scriptural teachings which their relationship illustrates.

Young wives should seek out mature women and ask them for special instructions on how to be serious-minded, how to love their husbands, how to rear children, how to manage the home and how to be discreet.

Husbands are to sacrifice for their wives and children in order to raise up the foundations of many Godly generations.

Financial freedom should be maintained in order not to hinder the potential that God would have for their marriage and family.

Instill goals in your children by emphasizing the spiritual values and concerns which you have.

Expose your children to the lives of great Christians through biographies and by inviting Godly Christians into your home.

Use mealtimes to discuss the importance of world events in light of prophecy and to read from God’s Word.

Record what God teaches them from the Bible. This journal of answered prayer and applying biblical principles will be a great basis for their "life message" and for handing down to the next generation.

Expose each child to successful Christian work such as witnessing, counseling and visiting.

Learn how to use questions which will help others identify precise spiritual needs. Then use the insights and principles from Scripture to guide them toward a right decision.

Questions: What were the events leading up to your salvation? Do you have doubts about your salvation? Since you became a Christian, have you ever totally dedicated your life to Christ? If you had the power to change anything about the way you look, what would you change? Would your parents say that you were obedient to their authority? Do you have a clear conscience? Has anyone deeply hurt you in the past? Do you have a problem with anger? Is there some habit you wish you could break? When you get to

the end of your life, what do you want to say God accomplished through you?

Seeing life from God’s perspective enables us to be: A Successful Person

Seeing life from our partner’s perspective enables us to be: A Successful Partner

Seeing life from our child’s perspective enables us to be: A Successful Parent

Seeing life from other people’s perspective enables us to be: A Successful Witness


From God’s Perspective:

Ask God for "vision" of Godly achievement

Seek God

Welcome Trials

Expect death of a vision

Rearrange Priorities

Serve each other

Illustrate Christ’s relationship to the church

Fulfill the 6 purposes of marriage

Purpose to raise up Godly generations

Financial freedom

Explain God’s ways different from our ways

Instill God’s goals

Biographies of great Christians

Invite Godly Christians

Make mealtimes meaningful

Start a life notebook

Build a life message

Start Christian service

Use questions to reveal basic spiritual needs

Lead others to salvation

Train faithful men & women