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From it's establishment in 1995, the McNeil Lacrosse team has grown into a motivated group with possiblities of a championship season in 2002. Lacrosse has become something more to these young people than just a game they play after school. Participation in this sport has increased each year that it is played at McNeil High School, and the forecast is positive. Currently, there are 29 players between the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams. As the group has grown, so have the teams winning records. The year 2002 will mark the third winning season for McNeil Lacrosse. The Varsity team has improved their record from 1999 7-12, 2000 12-6, to 2001 7-6. They have had 2 years in the playoff's, good luck next year Mavericks. ~ "In the land of funny you are not." - Justin Manning